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Crowd brings Cagle to tears – Douglas Budget

Kasey M. Orr | Posted: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 2:50 pm

Chris Cagle

Longtime country star Chris Cagle becomes so emotionally overwhelmed by the fan support during the song “I Breathe In, I Breathe Out” at the Wyoming State Fair performance Aug. 16, he had to stop his performance briefly before making sure the crowd knew how much he appreciated them. He called them “the heartbeat” of his dream.

Country music star Chris Cagle became emotionally choked up during Saturday night’s concert at the Ford Grandstand Arena during the Wyoming State Fair, after hearing the crowd vibrantly sing along to his music.

During the opening verse to his song “I Breathe In, I Breathe Out,” Cagle stopped his band and asked the crowd, “Is that you singing the song back to us?”

The crowd broke into wild cheers of affirmation.

Cagle went on to tell the audience how good it felt to have responses like that from fans. He shared that it had been a tough week for him, citing some emergency medical issues his wife was going through.

In order to show his appreciation, Cagle decided to play the song with just him, his guitar and the audience singing along.

He only made it to the third line. He sang, with the crowd, “Somewhere in the small talk, someone always…” Cagle stopped and listened to the crowd sing, alone, “someone always asks where you’ve been.”

So many of the crowd had joined in so fervently that the longtime performing artist was simply overcome. His guitar trailed off, and all he could get out was, “Y’all, man…”

He seemed as though he was going to try to say something else, but the crowd’s cheers grew louder and affected the musician back into silent tears. He removed his cowboy hat, stepped back from the microphone and attempted to collect himself. Several times he approached the microphone, but the cheers and applause would simply increase, and he stepped back again.

Finally, after more than a full minute, the artist was able to get back to the microphone and say, “You know, you do this for a long time, and Nashville says you’re all but done. Then you have a moment like this in an evening…” he paused to stay collected. “I’ll tell you what, I will never ever, never have and I never will, take you for granted. You are the heartbeat of this dream. I thank you so much.”

Cagle then wiped his eyes and carried on with the concert. His band eventually joined back in and he performed louder and more passionately than ever to the screaming crowd, who never stopped singing along.

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