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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you don't see the answer here, check the message board, or at .

How old is Chris?
33. He was born November 10, 1968.
How do I get into a Meet & Greet?
Find the merchandise table at the venue and bring your membership card. The first 30 fan club members who show up at the merchandise table and receive a pass will be given final instructions about time and place for the Meet & Greet.

When is Chris' birthday?
November 10.
What is a Meet & Greet and how many can attend?
A Meet & Greet is a special backstage pass for fan club members. Each member receives 3 opportunities a year to attend when Chris is performing in the area. Fan Club Members wanting to attend the Meet & Greet need to arrive at the venue early enough to obtain their pass from the merchandise table.

Meet & Greets are limited to the first 30 people.

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Where did Chris go to high school?
Ross S. Sterling High School in Baytown, Texas. He graduated in 1987.
Why was my post deleted from the Message Board?
Chris has fans of all ages. It is Chris' wish that all content be appropriate for any age group. Posts with questionable content or language will be deleted. Solicitations of any kind will also be removed.

Other posts will be deleted at the discretion of the board monitor(s).

Does the fan club membership come with any Meet & Greet opportunities?
Yes, each annual membership includes three Meet & Greets.

Renewing the membership allows the member 3 more Meet & Greets.

Can I take a guest to a Meet & Greet?
No, at this time we do not allow guests at our Meet & Greets. The Meet & Greets are limited in number, and guests take the place a fan club member should have.
How do I get Chris to perform in my town/state/area?
The fan club has nothing to do with booking Chris. You might call a venue where you would like for Chris to perform and ask them to book him or contact the William Morris Agency and make a suggestion. William Morris' address can be found under the "CONTACTS" section of this website.
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Is Chris married?
Yes, he married Elizabeth on September 10, 2001 in a small, civil ceremony.
How long does it take to receive your fan club packet?
Depending on how you joined, there are several answers to this question.

If you joined by regular mail, it can take 5-6 weeks to receive your packet. If you join online, allow 3-4 weeks. If you join online and request express mailing, allow 3-5 working days.

All packet arrival times can be affected by postal service delays.

Are there performances where there is no Meet & Greet?
Yes, under several conditions, a Meet & Greet is not possible. If there are several artists performing at the same venue, if the venue is not conducive to holding a M&G, or if Chris is traveling without his Road Manager, no M&G will be available. Also, there are situations where a scheduled M&G will have to be cancelled due to unforseen circumstances, but cancelled Meet & Greets are rare.
Why doesn't Chris respond to me on the Message Board or answer my email?
While Chris takes time to read the Message Board, and reads all mail and email and receives all packages, and appreciates all of his fan's support, it is impossible for him to respond to each item personally.
I lost my membership card. Can it be replaced?
Your membership card is your access to Meet and Greets and therefore cannot be replaced, even if it is lost or stolen. Please do not ask for a replacement card.
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Is there any kind of special membership for children?
Yes, we have Caglekids cards. They are available to the children of fan club members for $5. If you are interested in one, please email the fan club at [email protected] for details.
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