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Topic: Still not much radio play
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Started on: 10/10/01 9:47:00 AM
I don't understand how our radio station in winston-salem, north carolina could sponsor Chris' show here and then tell us to call and request his music! I mean they put their station label everywhere! Why sponsor someone and not play their music. I have e-mailed the station and voted on the CMT website for his video and it just isn't enough! I really think Chris deserves to have the recognition!
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Posted on: 10/10/01 4:37:57 PM
then you have to turn it up really load so everybody can hear it. That's why they made cd's
Posted on: 10/10/01 4:40:14 PM
Chris does need recognition, I'm soo afraid Chris will fade out--He will never fade out in my heart!!!! We all need to keep requesting his songs, keep voting on CMT and keep Playing it Loud!!!!
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Posted on: 10/10/01 7:45:43 PM
I know the feeling. Fortunately for me I listen to a station that will play Chris anytime I ask them too. B105 is AWESOME. However their competition 96.5 who sposored the Lawrenceburg show claims they CAN'T play IBI, IBO. We called and requested it and got the run around. I told them I would buy them a copy of the CD so they could play it (they claimed they didn't have it) and the dj said that wouldn't work either. I asked them how their station could sponsor an artist and then not play their music. He replied "We can't play everybody's songs" I wanted to crawl through the phone...instead I informed him that the station had lost listeners because they wouldn't play IBI, switched the station to B105, called B105 and heard IBI before the dj's shift was over. BUT I will still email 96.5 and bug em about it and call..and I'll do it for all the cagleheads who can't get the station I listen too :) Hang in there....they'll have to cave in at some point :)
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Posted on: 10/10/01 8:45:44 PM
I agree about some radio stations. The one in Cleveland, Ohio hardly plays Chris's music. I was getting annoyed yesterday-every hour on the hour that were playing Garth's new song-at the end of the day I was sick of it. I think Chris deserves more recogntion he's an amazing singer/performer-help-they're playing Garths new song as I'm writing this. They play the same songs over several times. There are so many more amazing country singers/groups but they don't play their music-it's sad

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