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Topic: Given up on Chris?!?!
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View profile for Dreamseeker41081
Started on: 10/10/01 10:15:10 AM
I know this can't be true! I have be going to MWL's site daily to vote for Chris's new video because we had talked about getting him to #1 as a wedding gift from the Cagle Heads. What happened? I think Tammy(NY) and I are the only ones voting! Come on guys let's not let Chris down! vote for Chris to #1! At one time the CagleHEads had great it gone?
April "Baltimore"
View profile for April "Baltimore"
Posted on: 10/10/01 11:24:55 AM
This is gonna come out wrong but.....

DON'T go there!!

I vote everyday with my names registered on, I have over 70 names somedays I don't have time to vote them all but I get at least 50 in and I know for a FACT that Abbie has the same thing going on !!

I'm sorry if that came out wrong but I'm tired of the emails I get about voting and the posts that say we aren't voting enough....I know that wasn't directed specifically at me or in general to anyone but don't say that you think you and Tammy are the only ones voting cause that SIMPLY isn't TRUE!!!

View profile for Jan32986
Posted on: 10/10/01 12:09:55 PM
View profile for Becki
Posted on: 10/10/01 12:35:30 PM
I vote everyday too. We need to put this in proper prospective. This is Toby Keith's 5th or 6th album. This is Chris's 3rd song! The Pat Green thing is I guess because it's his first video. Don't know. I'm going to keep voting, and I'm just glad Chris is ALWAYS on the countdown when he hasn't been retired!! Who else can say that on the countdown? I don't think anybody. That's cool in itself!! Becki
April "Baltimore"
View profile for April "Baltimore"
Posted on: 10/10/01 1:37:09 PM
Okay I've said this before about Blake Shelton when People didn't know who he was...

Pat Green is NOT new! He has been around for a while and this is not his first video! He is part of the whole Texas sound. He is an excellent artist. In Fact just a "tid bit" Michael "Tbay" Tarabay Chris' current Bass Player used to play for none other than Pat Green!

View profile for Wendy
Posted on: 10/10/01 1:37:51 PM
I vote every day faithfully. I would love to see at #1 but it is just going to take a little more work than we thought thats all. But I know we as a group can do it!
View profile for WendyC
Posted on: 10/10/01 3:30:42 PM
Here's my two cents on this subject. First look at the fan per fan thing. Toby has been around a long time. He has at least 5 CD's out and numerous hits. I'm just guessing here bu I would say Toby has at least 10 or more fans to Chris' one fan. We are just out numbered. But we have to stand strong. We can't get discouraged...Just keep voting and voting and voting, LOL
Posted on: 10/10/01 3:52:00 PM
In addition to what WendyC stated, a lot of things are fixed in the polls. All we have to do is continue to vote for Chris. Toby keith is alright, but I think Chris is so much better than Toby. Give Chris a break here, he has one album out and hasn't been on tour for long either. Give him time, he will put them ALL TO SHAME with hard work and the support of us Cagleheads!! Keep your eye on what really matters here = Chris Cagle. No one has given up on Chris. Keep PLAYING IT LOUD!!
Posted on: 10/10/01 4:11:48 PM
Everyone is so right. What matters is Chris Cagle and that us Cagleheads won't ever give up on him!!! I voted already today, and eventually we will get him to #1, just like Laredo!!!
View profile for LAURALYNN
Posted on: 10/10/01 4:23:35 PM
cant until he get to #1
Posted on: 10/10/01 4:26:31 PM
Right on!!! Chris is going to make it to #1!!!
View profile for Adams
Posted on: 10/10/01 5:10:36 PM
this caglehead has been voting for Chris.
View profile for Dreamseeker41081
Posted on: 10/10/01 5:38:24 PM
I didn't want to get everyone mad but, it is confusing to me how MWL works. I and my friends have been voting on a daily basis and as you've said ou ahve been voting on a daily basis, and yet we see nothing being reflected in on the charts. What is going on? Do we just continue to vote as we are now and hope something works? I don't see anything happening as we do it now....maybe I am just frustrated.
Posted on: 10/10/01 5:44:16 PM
DREAMSEEKER: I realize it's a little frustrating when you go to vote for Chris on CMT. When you get there, just take your time, it's easier that way! Once you do it a few times, it's really easy afterwards!! I wish I could help you better than that!! Keep voting for Chris as much as you can!! Keep PLAYING IT LOUD!
View profile for cagle1fan
Posted on: 10/10/01 7:53:30 PM
OK, that phrase isn't in my vocabularity! I nor will Chris' caglheads EVER give up on him! Chris is here to stay and he is in this thing for the long haul.

Chris has been on MWL every day that he has been eligable and that has got to say something. We will get him to #1. Even if we don't though that doesn't mean that he has faded out or he has been forgotten cuz no matter what # he gets to he will ALWAYS be #1 to us CAGLEHEADS.

All we can do is keep voting and supporting him through the video and radio staions! We love you, Chris! Jen

View profile for cagle1fan
Posted on: 10/10/01 7:55:12 PM
Oops, I forgot to mention that I also vote everyday with as many names as I can. Jen
View profile for jada46133
Posted on: 10/10/01 9:03:08 PM
i also never miss a day to vote for our sexy MAN!!
View profile for WendyC
Posted on: 10/10/01 11:34:01 PM
I just want to clear up something here. Voting for Chris on MWL doesn't help his position on Billboard or any other chart. It only helps him on MWL. If you really want to help Chris out call or email your local radio stations. Thats the only way Chris will go anywhere on the charts that count. Go to Abbie's site and find your local radio station and cal and request Chris or email them.Thanks
View profile for Judee
Posted on: 10/11/01 7:12:47 AM
Besides daily emails to request and voting on GAC & CMT (on GAC you can vote as many times as your fingers will let you) I write IBI/IBO & Laredo (still) in on the weekly countdown on POC. It is a Billboard station and I figure if they get enough write ins on their countdown they will start paying more attention to the requests.
View profile for Jan32986
Posted on: 10/11/01 8:28:23 AM
Well......whether Pat Green is new or not (he is new to me)I do not think he is as talented as Chris and I can't believe he is #2 and Chris is #3 or 4 !!!! I will continue to vote and help get OUR MAN to #1 !!!!!!!!!!!

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