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Topic: All in One... about Cagle Book...
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View profile for AussieWishin
Started on: 4/8/2002 12:37:42 PM
Hey everyone, yesterday I was on and off the internet for hours and i kept posting everything in different posts, so I'm gonna put everything in this post in case anyone missed something about the Book. Most importantly... The book that I am giving to Chris with all our letter's there will be NO MORE LETTERS ACCEPTED AFTER MAY 29 AND 7:00 P.M. That's a Wensday. That's 8 weeks from this Wensday... plenty of time. I will be meeting Chris June 1st and I will then give him the book with our letters. SECONDLY, I ONLY have 17 letters. I know that the Cagleheads can do better than that for Chris. Think about it, Chris is a human being, I sure he's unhappy sometimes too... sitting on his tour bus, away from his family and his home, bored, got nothing to do... Don't you think he'd feel great if he could pull out 1 little book with letters from his fans to pick him back up and brush him off? I mean I know that would be awesome if that was me. I know Chris means alot to each and every one of you... tell him about it!! SHOW YOUR CAGLEHEAD PRIDE! Third... There is a back section to this book with people who have passed on. I have Dale Earnhardt and that little boy Daniel. Anyone else that anyone can name... please post it or email it to me. ALSO I am allowing anyone who wants to, to make a comment about someone who has passed on... so if you would like to you can post your comment or email it to me. BUT DON'T FORGET TO TELL ME WHO THE COMMENT IS FOR! I'm a little uncertain on the Daniel boy though, I have "In Memory of Daniel ..." If anyone can tell him his last name that would be great! And one more thing on him, I have 1996-2001. I don't know if those are the right years. So anyone that may know... please inform me. Third, I am trying to add little fun things in there and I need some ideas. Like those questions for my math homework (I got an A on) I put that those in there. I have the Titans sign in there, and Dale Earnhardt sign. Anything else that Chris is into, please help me out. The letters can be any length... no certain amount. Nothing will get cut off. Y'all have my word on that and from all of you that know me, you know that i won't go back on my word. This is probably the most difficult thing I've ever done. lol. I'm not a real organized person. I don't usually keep things in order or have a schedule or plan for my self. But for this I do. I AM TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY OPENED TO SUGGESTIONS FROM ANYONE THAT HAS ANY... SOMETHING YOU WANT TO ADD OR TAKE AWAY FROM THE BOOK. Just let me know and we'll talk it over and see what happens. I'm trying not to get on anyone's nerves with this and I'm sorry if I am. But I posted all of this into different posts and i didn't know if anyone missed anything. But here ya'll go. Any questions? My email address is [email protected] OR [email protected] I think that's about it. But I keep getting questions about the book so I'll tell everyone about it, but if you still have any questions what-so-ever about the book PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Don't hesitate to email me and ask. Or post and I'll get back to you A.S.A.P. The idea of the book originated when a couple of me and some Cagleheads were in a chatroom on AOL talking about him. I asked how I should get my hero paper to Chris. Abby suggested that I write to him. To be honest I thought that I would feel like a dork writing a letter then a paper I wrote about him for school too... I don't think so. So I was like how about we make a book from all teen-aged Cagleheads telling him how he's helped, impacted, or influenced us in some way or another. So that's what it was going to be. Then I got to thinking. My friend is a Caglehead and I knew she'd want to write too but she's not a teenager. So me and Abby were like okay a book from all the Cagleheads young or old, it's cool. So that's how it got started. BUT SOME PEOPLE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE... Has Chris impacted your life? Influenced you in some way or another? Helped you through a rough time? Picked you up when you were feeling blue? Gave you amazing advice, that just happen to work? Tell him about! That's all it is... Just to tell Chris what's he's done for you. NOW if you've answered NO to all of the above questions... OR... you just don't want to tell Chris because maybe you'd feel funny about it, then that's fine too. You can just say "Hi Chris how ya doin'? how's your family" you know. Anything like that is fine. It's just to show him that we care. That's all. It's call "Letters from our hearts to yours". I WON'T lie to you. I did read each and every letter to make sure that no one is insulting Chris in anyway. (I don't know most of you so i don't know what you think) I DID however post BOTH my Hero Paper, and letter to Chris for everyone to read to make it fair. That's all for now y'all! Sammie
View profile for shanna
Posted on: 4/9/2002 3:46:44 PM
sammie i'm just checking to see if you got my letter for chris? this is a great idea. i know i would love to have something like it from my fans if i was in chris's position. you were right when you said he can take it out when he's down and wants things to help him feel better. anyone who doesn't feel comfortable writing their feelings is silly. think about it chris does the same thing when he writes the songs that we know hear on his cd and on the radio. now that's taking a major chance don't you think. other than sammie and chris and maybe his family no one else is really going to see this book. what do you have to loose? just a thought.
View profile for Tanya
Posted on: 4/9/2002 5:49:35 PM
Hey Sammie. I'm only on for a few minutes, so I wasn't able to read your entire post. I did read the part about those who have passed on.... how about Waylon Jennings?

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