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Topic: 2 times in the same day and making each other cry! lol (kinda funny though)
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Started on: 6/2/2002 3:30:52 PM
Hey everyone!! Saturday I met Chris twice in the same day it was so awesome! The first time it was one of those opened meet and greets where like anyone can meet him and I didn't know that at the time. lol. But anyway... He signed my red wings jacket and he drew the little sign on it and put 7-0 on it (those who don't know it's because we won 7-0 against avolanche) But I thought it was funny because he like held it to his chest and was like "this is it y'all" and was like dancing with it. lol. I was like umm... k. But then my dad talked to him for a minute and just told him that me and some of my friends were making noise at the corner over the game. But yeah, I gave Chris the book and he was crying. He had sun glasses on so I was like the only one that could tell because I was next to him. I handed it to him and was like "this book is letters from your fans" and he's like "are you kidding me" lol. He called me sweetie like 50 times! lol. He was like "that is so sweet, thank you sweetie." I was standing there and we was flipping through the book and this lady that took the picture had to ask him to look up. lol. I think he's gonna like the book. and when I was walking away he was like "bye sweetie" lol. Then at the second one the line got cut of behind me, so I got lucky there. But at this one he was like "tell me your name again" and I told him and he remembered me! lol!! But I was surprised because he remembered me like from the computer! lol. He was like "oh I read alot of that paper, and it means alot to me, I really apprieciate it" lol. I cried while I walked away, I don't know if I cried because he remembered me or he approved of the paper but I cried. lol. And when I walked away from that one he said "bye sweetie" then this one really cute guy that works with Chris he was punching the wholes in the membership cards said by to me and called me ma'am lol. I was like I'm way younger than this guy and he's calling me ma'am. lol. But yeah he was cute too. I just thought that it was kinda funny that we made each other cry, lol. I felt bad though when he cried, even though they were like happy tears I felt bad. But I just wanted to let all of you know that Chris liked the book, and he had a three hour drive today, so he might of got to read some letters!! See ya! Sammie
View profile for Chris_Cagle_galfan
Posted on: 6/2/2002 4:27:22 PM
Hi Sammie! I'm glad you had a great time and Chris called me a sweety b4! He's such an emotional guy and that's good, cause emotional guys are so hot! Juliana

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