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Topic: Sorry folks, It's me again
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Nikki H.
View profile for Nikki H.
Started on: 9/4/2002 6:40:25 PM
Yes, I need more Cagle prayers here. I'm struggling with something at work and I'm not quite sure what I want to do or how to deal with it. So please just keep me in your prayers if you would. I really need to get away from Michigan!!!! Thanks Bunches!!!!
View profile for Bunzai
Posted on: 9/4/2002 6:56:14 PM
Honey, pour a Caglerita and join me on the lanai... I want to stare at a Caglemoon on Cagle Island. WOO HOO!!!!! That is a beautiful romantic moon ya'll! Get your MINDS outa the gutter!!!!! lol Caglecheers to ya girl! Keep your chin up! We all have them kinda days... ;)
View profile for caglefan759
Posted on: 9/4/2002 7:37:39 PM
better days are coming.I will be thinking of you..keep your chin up.
View profile for Chris_Cagle_galfan
Posted on: 9/4/2002 8:05:24 PM
Nikki, my prayers are with you and I hope you won't struggle with work anymore! Juliana
View profile for Salsamaker
Posted on: 9/4/2002 10:14:51 PM
Nikki, you know you're in my prayers as I am in your's. E-mail me if you need to talk it out. Move from Michigan? Come on kiddo, if I move to Texas...lemme reprhase that...WHEN I move down to Texas you can come along. We'll find you someplace nice down there, and think of all the cowboys that are there. LOL True cowboys! SIGH!!!....
Nikki H.
View profile for Nikki H.
Posted on: 9/5/2002 6:55:00 AM
Thanks everyone. Yes Bunz, I'll take one of the Cagleritas!!! Just make sure that I have a lot of CagelCubes in mine.

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