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Topic: 9/15 Puyallup Fair Show :0)
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Started on: 9/17/2002 2:46:52 PM
Well all I can say is that Chris has once again left me in awe!! What an amazing night.

We got to the fairgrounds about 5:30 and went in search of the lines into the concert area. Well we found it and guess who was at the very front?? Our very own "Blue Eyes"!! It was great finally meeting her, very sweet and fun to talk to. The three of us made our way to the end of the line and thought for sure there wasn't a chance at a M&G pass. When I got in and to the souvenir booth, low and behold, there were 5 left, so I lucked out!! I was worried Miss Bunz wasn't gonna get her phone call. We went and found our seats, FRONT ROW baby!! All I can say is WOW!! For all you who are lucky enough to score these amazing seats, be ready to have the time of your life!! All that was between us and the stage was a small walkway and a security guard who was the sweetest and let us get away with quite a bit, LOL. The show started with Joe Nichols, who is even better looking in person and very funny. Then came Tommy Shane Steiner. WOW!! Can you say muscles??!! Although I was only able to see part of his show due to the M&G.

Found my way to the tent where they were holding the meet and greet, stood and talked to Arlene and a few other people until they led us back to where Chris was. Timmy was giving everybody the run down about autographs and pictures when this lady next to me piped up and just went off on him about being "rude". ARRGHHHH!! I wanted to crawl under a rug and hide. She was THE most inconsiderate, disrespectful person and I have to say Timmy handled it very well (although she should have been taken out of the M&G) for being so disruptive and loud. Not only did she say those things to Timmy, she said them to Chris, which made me even more angry with her. Well it was finally my turn. I had Laureen (Bunzai) on the phone and asked if Chris could say hi to her really quick. They talked until they were somehow disconnected. He signed my pics, one of he and I from Jubitz, the other of my license plate frame from my car that says, "THIS CAGLEHEADS PLAYIN IT LOUD". He kind of chuckled and said, "That's on your car? Wow, that is cool!" I gave him the gift that I had for him, 2 pocket angels, 1 for him and 1 for him to give to Elizabeth. He said he loved them and said thank you very much. He told me he hoped I would enjoy the show and I said, how could I not, I'd be in the front row, LOL. I got back out to my seat in time to see the last half of Emerson Drive's show. Then came Chris!!!

He gets better and better every time I see him. He was so full of energy and everyone there was just feeding off of it. I think his throat was bothering him because he was using throat spray throughout the show, but you would never know it by his performance. It was AMAZING!!! He started IBI, IBO and the crowd was singing it louder than he was. So he stopped, told the guys to play and let us sing it to him. The look on his face was priceless.. Me, my 2 friends, and the girls next to us, all put our arms around each other, started swaying back and forth, singing as loud as we could. I have never had so much fun at a concert. Craig, the keyboard guy, was on our side of the stage and saw us down there, he was clapping and giving us the thumbs up, he is absolutely hilarious, LOL!! He played almost everything from Play It Loud and then did Drift Away, Hey Bartender and the Osama song (not sure of the exact title). Chris played for probably 1 1/2hrs and definitely made some new Cagleheads in WA.

The only thing I was bummed about is that he didn't play either of his new songs. After all the hype on the MB, I was so looking forward to hearing them, but all the more surprise when the cd comes out I guess. We hung out and let the people file out and Craig came down and talked to us for a few. He said he loved coming up here to the NW. We talked to him about our first Chris concert at Jubitz and he called it "his old stompin ground". The security guards came and told us we had to leave because they were shutting the gates and he made the comment, Hey, we weren't done talkin yet!! So we said goodbye and told him to make sure Chris comes back to the NW soon.

Well, I think I even got Lisa on this one, what a novel, I hope it isn't too boring, LOL. It was just so much fun I had to tell someone and I know how much y'all like the concert reviews. WHHEEWWW, that was a long one!!! *Stacy*

View profile for bud8fan
Posted on: 9/17/2002 2:47:53 PM
HOLY HECK!!! That's a novel right there, ROFL!! I'm gettin better huh Lisa??!!
View profile for BlueEyes
Posted on: 9/17/2002 3:19:29 PM
GREAT review Stacy! Everything she said is exactly how it was! Except our own Sarah was actually first in line (LOL!), but about Joe Nichols, about the rude M&G lady (how mortifying!), about how well Timmy handled her, about Chris and his performance, which was AWESOME!! (and the absence of the newest songs), everything!

I had a total blast too, and it was so fun to get to meet some more WA Cagleheads! Stacy was so nice, Kim, Karen, Valerie, Janet, Katie (ya calmed down yet, hon?) and Sarah was a complete and total doll! Get to know her all, she's a sweetie! (There was one other issue with another FCM, which he and I discussed but I will leave off of here), but all and all it was a BLAST!!!!

And, Chris was so cute during the M&G, I was wearing the jersey he had given me in Missouri that first time, I got a huge hug and he said, "Hey! Finally made it out to your neck of the woods!" and I said, "I know! 15 minutes from home - I didn't know how to act!" And he laughed. I was so excited I don't remember looking at the camera or it even flashing, but they handed it back to me, so I'm sure they did it, LOL! Also, while we were waiting for our M&G backstage, we could see all kinds of people walking around, the bands (Tommy Shane Steiner walked RIGHT in front of us), and of course Chris walking back and forth and (of course!!) took the opportunity to snap some extra pictures of...uh, the wranglers! Ya, that's it! ;) The wranglers!!

What I liked the best was that Chris was headlining a bill with 4(!!) acts that night! Our man is doing so great!!! And, he did SUCH an incredible job! Acknowledging and thanking all of the other acts, working the crowd over and keeping them pumped up, and he himself was clearly having a good time - you could just see it in his eyes! He worked his little tushy off running back and forth and all around the stage, and of course, entertained us with some very well-received dance moves!! He's definately got a magnetic stage presence! ~sigh~ Okay, I'm calm...LOL

Anyway, I think that's all of it...just that it was GREAT!!!, and I can't wait until the 27th!!

Freshly Caglized,
~Lene :D

After we get some picture issues (film, batteries, duplicates, etc) worked out, we will share with all! :D
View profile for Salsamaker
Posted on: 9/17/2002 3:57:21 PM
THANKS FOR THE REVIEW LADIES!!! I know I am happy to be able to read about the concerts, it's almost as good as being there. sigh...I won't be writing my own reviews for quite some time I'm afraid, so I LOVE READING others reviews!!!
View profile for Bunzai
Posted on: 9/17/2002 4:09:48 PM
WOO HOO HOO HOO HOO!!! It's almost like being there myself. {sniffle sniffle} But now it's all over and I have to come back home. I LOVE reading Cagle Concert Reviews (CCRs). Lions and Tigers and Cagle, OH MY! Lions and Tigers and Cagle, OH MY!
View profile for IslandKiddo
Posted on: 9/17/2002 4:28:24 PM
Well put bud8fan. That was truly the best country concert i have ever been to. You forgot to tell about the one part where he cried onstage. What a sweetie!! Thanks for the review even though i went. It made me feel all better again!
View profile for dhcaglefan30
Posted on: 9/17/2002 4:37:58 PM
Thanks guys for the reviews!!....i love hearing about concerts since it has been a month since i saw Chris...I take it Timmy is doing great as the new road manager?...Did they get a new merchandise manager then too??...I am just wondering....oh yeah....I saw Joe Nichols with Chris in August...isnt he just a little hottie??....CAGLE ON!!
View profile for CountryByTheGraceOfGod16
Posted on: 9/18/2002 12:19:28 AM
Awwwwwww, Arlene~ you're so sweet! I had a total blast with you there! I'm so glad I got to meet ya! Happy for ya that everything worked out this time, too ;o). Was Chris really wearing Wranglers!????? I couldn't tell! *starts to drool* lol Just kidding. My night was totally awesome though! I woke up on Monday morning, running on pure adrenaline (which soon wore out lol). It's that kind of thing where you wake up, tired as hell, but still thinking "I just met Chris Cagle last night!" and just imagining how great your day is gonna be telling everybody! (My lack of sleep eventually got the better of me!) lol Also Katie, if you ever get to read this, you are so awesome girl! We'll definately have to keep in touch! Anywhoo, I'm done rambling now hehe. God Bless y'all! *hugs* Arlene!!!!!! Love, Sarah
View profile for CountryByTheGraceOfGod16
Posted on: 9/18/2002 12:23:20 AM
Oh, one last thing... I had no idea that rude lady said all that *crap* to Chris!!!!!! I don't know who she is, but you've gotta understand hun, Chris doesn't have all the time in the world (as much as he'd love to I'm sure) to sit and chat w/ as many fans as he has for more than just a couple of minutes. We're lucky we even get to meet him for a minute!Some stars don't even have M&Gs anymore... I value the two minutes I have with him! lol And there's nothing he (or the fan club) can do about it. The business calls! Anyway, there's my 2 cents! Love y'alls!
View profile for BlueEyes
Posted on: 9/18/2002 12:46:15 AM
LOL Sarah! I hear ya on the adrenaline, I had Cagle-permagrin all day! He has so much energy he just charges us up! (And, I meant it sweetie - I had so much fun with you, I wish more girls nowadays had the class you do!) Anyway, I will be putting my film in this week and sharing the Cagle pics shortly thereafter! Woohooo! Can't wait for the 27th!! It's Caglemania in Washington these two weeks! LOL
View profile for Salsamaker
Posted on: 9/18/2002 9:03:31 AM
Hey Lene, I think you have a new word for the Cagle dictionary...Cagle-permagrin! I LOVE IT!!!!
View profile for BlueEyes
Posted on: 9/18/2002 10:01:18 AM
LOL Salsa, I've lost track of what words were put in there already...but, okay! Cool! It's definately a true one! So, I guess that would be a noun, huh? LOL ~sigh~ God it was so great to see him perform again... :D :D :D :D :D :D It seems I can just never get enough! Oh, and by the way, I forgot this part earlier, during their little 'jammin' on stage, they always sample in Back In Black, and Chris grabbed his Tshirt and picked part of it up off of his chest - no one yelled or anything, but I totally got it. I STILL have that album on vinyl! LOL

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