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Topic: Who's going Caglein' in Waco?
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View profile for Oklahomacaglehead
Started on: 9/27/2002 8:20:24 AM
Hey there Cagleheads...just wanted to see who all is planning to be at the Waco concert in a couple of weeks. I haven't had the chance to see Chris since last May when he was in Amarillo...I desperately need my Cagle-fix. Only two more weeks....I'm sooo excited! Hope to see you there. Jenn
View profile for StacyTx
Posted on: 9/27/2002 6:45:45 PM
Hey.....I'll be there!!!!!!!!! I saw Chris last week, but I still am needing a Caglefix. Ya' can't get too See ya there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
View profile for tx_cagle_chick
Posted on: 9/28/2002 4:59:44 PM
i think i am i am going to have my caglefix for a long time i am going to austin then to waco and i am going to gurthie, ok . i am getting my tickets the day they go one sell for new years because billy bobs is 10 mins away from me they go on sell monday at 10 am but i am going to be inline at 3 in the morning i want front row seats well texas caglr love comin your way
View profile for *denise*
Posted on: 9/29/2002 8:23:46 PM
I'll be there. :o) I'm still contemplating if I want to make the drive to the Bellville show the night before or not. It would be fun to go to two shows back-to-back, but I haven't made any decisions about that. I know I'm going to Waco, though.
miss texas
View profile for miss texas
Posted on: 9/29/2002 10:16:31 PM
WHEWWHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........ Ms.Texas will see all of you there. I am soooo excited! I am just afraid I am not going to get my fanclub card in time to do a meet & greet. I have been a fan for a long time. The last time I got to see him was at Billy Bobs several months ago. I am truly having serious Cagle withdrawl. Can you help me out Chris???(hee-hee)
View profile for *denise*
Posted on: 10/8/2002 11:04:21 PM
Uhm... I just felt I should give anyone going to the Waco concert an extra heads up. I'm sure you all know, but just in case... On Saturday, Texas A&M and Baylor play one another in Waco. Basically, we're(TAMU) invading Baylor/Waco all weekend. So, imagine my insane excitement to see this in my school paper this morning:

All I have to say is: "WHOOP!" ;o)
View profile for rich_19
Posted on: 10/9/2002 4:17:03 PM
Oh yeah, I'll be there. I'll be the one with the camera bag.
View profile for cagle1fan
Posted on: 10/9/2002 5:41:33 PM
Can't mistake Richard and his camera bag!LOL! Jen#1

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