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Topic: Sat night in Vegas with Chris....
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View profile for HeartOfaCntryGrl
Started on: 12/8/2002 12:37:32 PM
Well I don't have to say the Obvious.. Chris was AWESOME! He had everyone on their feet.... Security tried to sit people down, and get people to move back .... and Good ol Chris, *laughin* Came through.. Tapping the security on the shoulder, telling them that they werent gonna sit his crowd down, but in a polite manner... So then of course people rushed the stage... It was lots of fun. Gettin to stand right up against the stage with him and watch him. I was completely googled to get to touch Chris' hand 5 times... I also got to meet some of the greatest CagleHeads, Cindy-Lu you are a doll.. Thank you SOOOOOO much for that pic... You have no clue how much I appreciate that, and taking one for me after the show... My damn camera... Im throwing it away and I BETTER get a new one... Michelle in CA you had me laughing girl... Hope to see ya again sometime... And Tammy, even though you don't post on here much.. You were a blast and I Hope to talk to you again soon! Thank you to the three of you for showing me that not all Cagleheads are rude to "newbies" and those who can't follow Chris around the world and back... *huge hugs* ANyway.. It was a blast.. and I cant wait to see him again.... ~Charlene
View profile for Meghan
Posted on: 12/8/2002 12:41:28 PM
Charlene-Sounds like you had an incredible time!!! Thanks for the post!!

Are you going to the show tonight??


View profile for cateye
Posted on: 12/8/2002 2:26:19 PM
Thanks for the update Charlene!!! Was there a lot of people there? Did he have a meet & greet?


View profile for CAGLE
Posted on: 12/8/2002 3:24:31 PM
Hey Elenor! Yes, Chris had a meet and greet .... it was after the show as Chris was at the rodeo before the show. As Charlene said, Chris was awesome as usual!

Charlene, we weren't being rude to newbies, in fact we wish you would have come over and introduced yourself to us. We didn't know it was you! You were more than welcome to join us.... security kept yelling at us to keep the line in order, which was difficult to do with everyone pushing us up further. If you attend tonight, please come say hi to us, okay?

View profile for HeartOfaCntryGrl
Posted on: 12/8/2002 4:01:42 PM
I was going to be attending the show tonight. But due to standing all night long last night and my car accident a few weeks ago, I woke up in tears this morning... However Chris was worth them. And thank GOD for muscle relaxers.. *Laughin* Anyway.. Off to take a nap. PLAY IT LOUD!!! ~Charlene See ya all next time your in Vegas!

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