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Topic: How to get airplay??
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Started on: 12/19/2002 9:23:05 AM
Can someone please explain to me how songs get added to a radio station? The station I listen to still has not added WABD, yet the staton is playing new songs by other new artists, including a new artist named Jeff Bates, who is on RCA. This is nothing against this artist; he has a great sound. However, seeing that Chris has had a number one single and a gold album, why will they still not play his new song, yet play a song by a still rather unknown artist? The station also continues to play certain songs over and over by certain artists but when Chris' new song is requested they simply say "it has not been added to the playlist". What gives?
April "Baltimore"
View profile for April "Baltimore"
Posted on: 12/19/2002 9:36:53 AM
Karen, I'm not sure what station you listen to, but WPOC here in Baltimore is playing that new Jeff Bates song too! RCA must be putting a HUGE push on him and is probably offering 'perks' to stations for playing it! Radio is much more political than they care to admit!

I'm not putting down Jeff Bates' song but I'm with you on the fact that they won't play Cagle and they are playing that!

Unfortunately with it being Christmas time it's going to be harder to get them to play WABD because they HAVE to filter in all the Christmas music so new music takes a backseat for the month. Hopefully January will be better!

for everyone that has had trouble getting WABD played because there 'just isn't room on the playlist' have you noticed they don't mind making room for 5 or 6 (sometimes more)Christmas songs an hour but can't fit in one new song by an artist who has a gold record and a #1 single under his belt!! POLITICS!!!

Posted on: 12/19/2002 11:16:27 AM
You are correct, politics plays a major role in what gets played. I think it really depends on how much CAPITAL wants to push Chris new song. They have to decide where they want to spend their money. Look what happened to this very same label a few years ago with Garth Brooks. He refused to deliver his "Sevens" cd until they fired the president and spend most of the advertising budget on him. They did and other artists on Capital saw their cds under promoted and die. Tanya Tucker sued for that very reason and finally settled recently and they gave her own label to be distributed by Capital.
Posted on: 12/19/2002 12:26:22 PM
It all just disgusts me! Radio stations say "it's all about what you the listener wants to hear"...blah blah blah....when the truth is if the song isn't something they want to play they aren't going to play it. They even play (quite often) a song by Tommy Shane Steiner that I don't think ever reached top 30....not to mention a handful of other songs that are constantly played over and over. One jock that I talked to, a female one (and the nicest at that station said) "I guess Chris' song didn't do well and it hasn't been added." Well, first of all, how can a song climb the charts if it isn't given a chance at all??? However, what I really wanted to say to the jock that I was speaking with was "whether it is doing well on the charts has nothing to do with whether it's played on your station." What is the answer?! I want us to give Chris another hit record!
April "Baltimore"
View profile for April "Baltimore"
Posted on: 12/19/2002 4:51:49 PM
Unfortunately, much to a listener's dismay, it doesn't mean a hill of beans what we want to hear. It's all about what the record companies are giving them and what that DJ wants to hear. We are forced to hear what they want us to hear instead of what we want to hear.

I know the DJ's that I talk to all think that that it's completely about Chris Cagle. Some of it is. But a lot of it is that I like hearing new music. Being a listener of WPOC in Baltimore means that if you don't listener to other stations you may NEVER hear a certain song! WPOC is the ONLY country station in Baltimore (and the only one that you can in most areas. The Majority of MD is forced to listen to WPOC if they want to hear country music.) There are 2 much much smaller stations that you can pick up as you get closer to PA that are constantly playing new music. In fact Chris came to town for one of these stations...the show was in PA...and when 'Country By the Grace of God' was released, it was on the top of their countdown daily! WPOC played it once I think, on their future file.

Saying radio is for the listeners is a bunch of lies! (to put that mildly). They really don't care what we want to hear unless we want to hear Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, Martina McBride, George get the idea!

Unfortunately, I don't think there really is anything that we can do about it this! They don't want to hear our complaints! I actually got an email response from WPOC that said they were the #1 station so they must be doing something right. Yeah, since they are the ONLY country station in Baltimore (and most of MD.) that isn't much of an accomplishment now is it!?!

View profile for cagle1fan
Posted on: 12/19/2002 6:31:51 PM
I think it also has to do with the program manager. The station I listen to, WQMX in Akron, OH ALWAYS plays Chris' new music as soon as they recieve it. Kevin, the program manager, there just LOVES Chris and has alwasy supported him from day one.

I know how lucky I am to have a station and a program manager who is Cagle friendly. I wish more stations would be on the Cagle bandwagon.

I think as fans all we can do is keep requesting it and ALWAYS been nice. Being nasty to DJ's doesn't do any good and in fact, it many even give cagleheads a bad name and can make it even worse for Chris as far as airplay. I know it is frustrating seeing Chris' music be ignored. I just keep trying to tell myself that his day will come and all those non-believers will come around.

Just keep that Cagle faith and keep requesting. I know we can get WABD to #1 just like we did with IBI,IBO. Jen#1

Posted on: 12/19/2002 9:18:11 PM
I agree with everything you said, April. The thing is, it just hasn't done any good (for me) to keep requesting - and sometimes I think it has an adverse effect on Chris. I am always very courteous and appreciative when I speak to the stations - I would never want to give Chris or his fans a bad rap or seem "nasty", as you put it, Jen.. But what's a Caglehead to do when the requests fall on deaf ears? If it's all about politics and perks for the radio stations, I just don't know what we can do....the jocks seem irritated when I request Chris' music and reply "you know it's not up to me what I play", and contacting the program directors has done no good either.
View profile for Caglefan4ever
Posted on: 12/19/2002 10:32:03 PM
Wow! I feel for you guys. I guess I am fortunate to be here in Wichita. The program director loves Chris' music as do most of the DJ's. I've requested WABD by e-mail to everyone of them. Most of the time they will play WABD and also mention my name or talk about how loyal Chris' fans the Cagleheads are to their guy.

I'm not sure what makes some DJ's play the music and others not. I'm guessing that here they truly LOVE the Cagle sound and the songs. I'm sure that it didn't hurt that when Chris was just starting out on a radio tour two years ago that he heard about our "Toys for Tots Toy Drive", stopped in and offered to help. Not only did he help in 2000, but came back to co-host in 2001! This year even though he was in CA on tour he called in to check on the progress. I know the DJ's at KZSN (Kissin') won't forget his generousity--nor will his fans here or the kids who received the toys!

My only advice is to keep on requesting the songs--eventually the stations will have no choice, but to play Cagle. If everyone else is playing Cagle tunes-they will or they won't have an audience!

Good Luck! Cagle On and On!!


View profile for Beana
Posted on: 12/21/2002 9:24:51 PM
My station loves Cagle too, but still haven't gotten his new single into play.
View profile for Chris_Cagle_galfan
Posted on: 12/22/2002 11:26:04 PM
My radio station isn't that Cagle friendly. They hardly even play Chris Cagle! They should really put Chris into more airplay!
View profile for **Lisa**
Posted on: 12/23/2002 12:42:01 AM
I am sorry to hear that all your radio stations are not playing WABD. Here in Seattle KMPS is playing the song all the time. So I am very thankful. Just keep bugging the DJ's It will be on the air soon. It has to it is too good of a song. Lisa in Seattle
View profile for Debbie~
Posted on: 12/23/2002 9:12:41 AM
He's getting airplay in Chicago!!! Let me tell ya it made my day to hear it without requesting it!

We are talking during the morning show & I think that is a great sign.... they seem to be the hardest to play anything!

View profile for cateye
Posted on: 12/23/2002 1:09:28 PM
He's getting airplay in Calif. I've heard WABD in San Francisco, Palm Springs, San Diego and Los Angeles....In fact, WABD is #11 on the Top 20 in Los Angeles on KZLA!!!

Way to go Chris!


View profile for tolepainter
Posted on: 12/23/2002 1:38:55 PM
I'm with Jen #1 - I live in WQMX country and Kevin Mason and Ken Steel both seem to support Chris and his music. I can't help but wonder that if the video had been released at the same time as the single that maybe it would get more air play. It seems the better liked a video is, the more you hear a song on the radio. People seem to identify with a good video. So, let's see what happens when the video comes out. Maybe this will wake the radio stations up. I am also very disappointed in CMT. They don't play much Chris at all right now. I see a lot of other artists get their previous videos played, but not Chris. Wonder why not!! I thought with all the tours and promotions, that they were behind Chris in promoting his music. Well, I'll keep requesting everywhere I am and hope for a big upswing when the video comes out.

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