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Topic: Lakeview Elementary
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Robert Hrachovy
View profile for Robert Hrachovy
Started on: 12/20/2002 2:15:54 PM
If Chris reads this I hope he remembers his best friend growing up in Sugarland Tx The one he did the Greased Lighting routine with at Lakeview Elementary. Email me Chris
View profile for Bunzai
Posted on: 12/20/2002 7:01:16 PM
Oh me oh my!!! {Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!!} How exciting that you checked in with us here at Cagleville!!! So you're the one, eh, who did the Greased Lightning routine with Chris?? That is GREAT!!! I hope you hear from him! He's still the same guy he always was, from what I can tell. I look forward to meeting him!

You know, we have a fantasy place here on this website called Cagle Island. It's where all us Cagleheads go to relax after a hard day. Anything and everything goes. Chris even joins us sometimes! LOL There's the Cagle mansion, Cagleritas (margaritas Cagle style), the Cagleferry to take you there and little mini-mes (pint-size clones of each of us) who get to lie around in the hammock and by the pool and take in a Cagle concert any time of day and night (but Chris gets to rest cuz we have Cagleclones!)! These little mini-mes even travel around with other Cagleheads and go to concerts when we can't attend in person.

One time, at band camp {heh heh} rewind... One time, actually when Chris' album went gold, I posted a message about there being GOLD on Cagle Island, flowing from the fountains and such. Chris arrived in his convertible singing... "This car is automatic, it's systematic, hydromatic... why it's greased lightning!!!" And he was in his jeans and leather jacket, reminiscent of elementary school. So you must have been there too! WOO HOO!

I personally have yet to see Chris in concert but have talked to him on the phone a couple times thanks to some great Caglefriends. Please do join us again here in Cagleland. You're more than welcome and I can assure you that you will meet some wonderful people! Chris Cagle is da MAN, he's gonna be the biggest thing to hit country music EVER, mark my words! ;) CAGLE ON AND AWAY!

View profile for Caglefan4ever
Posted on: 12/21/2002 8:41:08 AM
I second that Bunzai! Welcome to the board Robert! We're all one big Cagle family here.

Cagle on and on!


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