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Topic: Revamped Cagleville.... and the rest of the Vegas Pictures - finally!!!
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View profile for Tigger
Started on: 1/4/2003 10:42:57 AM
Well... Cagleville has undergone a face-lift! I finally got a chance to sit down and redo the site!

That means, I also got the chance to finally put up the rest of the pictures from the Caglehead Invasion of Vegas. I still have some pics to put up that have been sent to me.... but I have two days before I go back to work!!!

Visit Cagleville

Thanks everyone for all of your comments! *heather

View profile for CagleFan824
Posted on: 1/4/2003 4:38:14 PM
Heather! Great pics!! Gotta love them butt shots!! Tina
View profile for caglehead8735
Posted on: 1/4/2003 7:01:57 PM
i love the site!! great job!! nice pics too! :D the butt shots are definitley the best highlight!! thanks a bunch! *brittany*
View profile for CagleChick1488
Posted on: 1/4/2003 11:49:10 PM
Great site.....definatley gotta love the butt shots, man I havent seen him in dark jeans in FOREVER, and I always thought he would look BEST by far w/light ones, all I have to say is I think he does a great job pulling whatever he wears off VERY WELL !!!
View profile for bud8fan
Posted on: 1/5/2003 12:23:06 AM

Fantastic job!! It looks awesome!! Can I email you a pic of Chris and I to match up with my lil mini~me?? **Stacy**

View profile for Courtney
Posted on: 1/5/2003 7:25:56 PM
View profile for #1cagleFanNaustin
Posted on: 1/6/2003 9:13:20 PM
Yes, I'm still alive! What a great site Heather! Thanks for all your hard work!
View profile for Ambers_Caglehead_mom
Posted on: 1/6/2003 11:12:35 PM
Ohhh man I love it!!! How can I get a pic of him wrapped up in the flag.. gotta have one
View profile for Whiskers
Posted on: 1/11/2003 2:54:27 PM
Awesome pics! I too would love a couple good pictures....the flag shot is awesome! I have a scrapbook started and it's not full yet! As tx_cagle_chick says you can't have a 'Cagle' scrapbook that's NOT FULL! I would appreciate any info! Thanks ~Connie from Nebraska~
View profile for Tigger
Posted on: 1/12/2003 11:56:32 AM
Sorry i've been late in responding to everyone! It's been hectic, to say the least!

As far as adding your picture or mini-me to the convention, just and i'll add you in.

As far as the pictures go - I prefer not to distribute copies of any of the pictures that I have on my site. I don't mean to annoy or offend anyone, but i've had too many problems in the past that I would like to avoid. Sorry! *Heather

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