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Topic: 99.5 the wolf
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View profile for tx_cagle_chick
Started on: 1/9/2003 9:20:40 PM
I wonder why a lot of radio stations dont play WABD because i request it all the time on my station and they play it all the time now! Im so glad to they play it every single day it is so great!!!! TEXAS Cagle love comin ya'lls way!!! ~Amber~
View profile for Salsamaker
Posted on: 1/9/2003 11:03:52 PM
KZSN in Wichita plays it quite often too. THEY LOVE CHRIS IN KANSAS!!!! I wonder why....hhmmmmm....Mae/ Erin/ Linda....know why we love Chris? LOL
View profile for Erin
Posted on: 1/10/2003 1:42:07 PM
Well besides us requesting it;/(not that i call alot!!)But Dan and the other DJ's LOVE least that is what they tell me!!LOL We are the most lucky girls in all of OZ!!!!! Hope he is #1 Again today,I better go and request it.. Erin
View profile for StacyTx
Posted on: 1/10/2003 3:03:29 PM
I have heard Chris 3 times today on 99.5, The Wolf. Woohoo!!!!!!!!
View profile for Caglefan4ever
Posted on: 1/11/2003 6:47:21 AM

As many times as I request WABD Dan and the gang have got to get tired of hearing from me!

You don't happen to know the e-mail addresses for Don, Jack and Suzanne, do you? I normally e-mail my requests to them. Thanks!



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