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Topic: ? for All Charter Fan Club Members
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View profile for Countryflowerdee
Started on: 1/12/2003 8:58:12 PM
Remember when it was announced that Charter Members would receive a special gift when we renewed our memberships. Did anyone receive it and if you did, what was it? I just renewed at the end of the year and since the fan club has had changes made, the new Membership Card is what I was told took the place of the Charter gift. Sniff, Sniff. Boo-Hoo. Really would like to know, because my 12 year old was also looking forward to his charter member gift as well. Thanks everyone, Cagleon!!!!!!!!!
View profile for rascalsllama
Posted on: 1/12/2003 11:17:25 PM
it was an extra baseball like card..thats all
View profile for BlueEyes
Posted on: 1/13/2003 12:46:26 PM
I didn't get the charter gift either - or the new bumper sticker.. I do still have the old one on though, along with a custom vinyl sticker I had made :)
View profile for Countryflowerdee
Posted on: 1/13/2003 4:55:08 PM
ttt Thanks for the replies. I am glad I'm not alone. Friends of mine joined Chris' Fan Club the second year, so they are not Charter Members and they are getting the same cards. The new bumper stickers and the new picture of Chris. What should we do?
View profile for cagle1fan
Posted on: 1/13/2003 7:26:21 PM
Any questions or problems should be directed to Sharon. She would be happy to help. 615-297-7002. Jen#1
View profile for Tigger
Posted on: 1/15/2003 8:08:34 AM
I don't know if they are stil doing the Charter Member gift with the change over to the new fan club management. But the charter member gift was an extra baseball card, in addition to the one that was sent with the regular fan club packet. The bumper sticker and the new picture were also not charter gifts, but changes to the packet. In order to get the charter gift when you renewed, you had to become a member before the end of 2001. hope this helps! *Heather
View profile for Suzagator
Posted on: 1/15/2003 9:58:36 PM
Sharon asked me to post to tell you that it doesn't appear we have a list of the charter members of the fan club. If you are a charter member and have renewed, e-mail her at [email protected] and tell her which trading card you need sent to you and we'll get it in the mail. As always, if you have questions, please feel free to e-mail or call. Thanks! -Susan

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