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Topic: Chris at Randolph fair in Ohio
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Started on: 7/30/01 10:32:24 AM
Hey ya'll. I was wondering if anyone was going to see Chris at the Randolph fair in Ohio on the 26th? If anyone is, maybe we can meet up somewhere. I'd love to meet more Cagleheads. PLAY IT LOUD YA'LL. Brandi
Posted on: 7/30/01 11:20:23 AM
I plan on going to the fair to see Chris. Do you know any details what time the concert is and how much to get in? My friend and I saw him here in Akron back in April and cannot wait to see him again!!!! Could you please let me know if you have any details? Thanks!!
Posted on: 7/30/01 11:44:14 AM
Brandi, I will definately be in Randolph to see Chris. I'm glad that he is finally coming closer to home. We have been travelling to the shows in Ohio to see him (well worth every trip). Here is some info about the show: Sunday August 26th, at 4:00. Price is 3.00 to get into the fair and an additional $10 for reserved seating or $8 for general admission to the show. Tickets are on sale Aug. 1-2 and Aug. 6-20. Hope this helps out some. Nicole
Posted on: 7/30/01 4:08:10 PM
Thanks for the info Nicole. I knew everything except for what time it started. I'll be sure to be there at 2! LOL Brandi
Posted on: 8/1/01 7:17:46 AM
Hey Ya'll...we'll be a Portage. We're with the Crestwood Caveliers 4-H Horse Club. Our barn is right across the court yard from the stands if ya'll want to meet at the gazebo by the horse rings. Let us know. Stop in and see us. Our barn is brand new and our theme is Cartoon Charaters...See ya'll at the fair!!!!!!!Let us know about meetin up if anyone is interested. WE'LL BE THE LOUDEST!!!Loralee
Posted on: 8/1/01 7:31:50 AM
correction...we'll be "AT" Portage...(brain f--rt typo)*^%&@#%$^!#aaaarrh! See Ya, Loralee
Posted on: 8/1/01 8:26:01 AM
I just got my tickets Row 7 16-20. The lady said they were getting alot of phone calls. It took me about 30 minutes to get through.
Posted on: 8/1/01 9:33:38 AM
I got 7th row also seats 5-8! You know your a caglehead when you set your alarm so you'll wake up to call for Cagle tickets!:]
Posted on: 8/1/01 4:00:49 PM
I know. I set my alarm clock also.
Posted on: 8/2/01 9:08:20 PM
I will be at the Randolph Fair it is my Daughter & her daughter Birthday (23/1) we have 1 & 2nd row 22,23,24...hoping to get Chris to acknowledge their birthdays...anyone have any ideas..thanks...SEE YOU THERE
Posted on: 8/2/01 9:40:42 PM
i'll be there in 2nd row.. with jen(1)! i can't wait

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