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Topic: Laredo Debate
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Started on: 7/30/01 11:26:02 AM
My Brother-in-law and I are having a debate on whether "Laredo" refers to a person or a vehicle...can anyone with actual proof verify this for me? Thanks!
Posted on: 7/30/01 11:28:30 AM
Hate to tell you this but you are both wrong! LOL

Laredo refers to the city in Texas!

Hope this helps!

Posted on: 7/30/01 12:58:53 PM
Chris said in a local interview that Laredo is a city in TX, but he's treating it like an individual who won't let his girl leave when they run into problems. Hope this helps!!! :)
Posted on: 7/30/01 6:24:49 PM
Never been to Laredo but after hearing the song makes me want to. Anyone for a road We can visit the old town square and everything!
Posted on: 7/30/01 6:58:10 PM
Stacey,he is most definately talking about the city of Laredo,Texas :)
Posted on: 8/1/01 9:50:26 AM
I love the Internet! Thanks to all for helping clear that up! I feel good knowing that at least he wasn't right either...LOL!

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