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Topic: What do Cagleheads prefer?
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Started on: 7/31/01 7:11:06 AM
Just thought I'd come up with a new question: Which do you like better ...Chris in his cowboy hat, baseball cap...or bandanna?...:)
Posted on: 7/31/01 7:18:39 AM
I'd say his cowboy hat because it shows an aire of mystery.
Posted on: 7/31/01 7:31:47 AM
I prefer Chris any way I can get him!!!
Posted on: 7/31/01 7:45:16 AM
I prefer Chris in his CowBoy hat and nothing else! But since he puts on a family show guess i'll have to deal :o) LOL
Posted on: 7/31/01 7:51:50 AM
I do like him in his cowboy hat,he looks good in anything...
Posted on: 7/31/01 7:52:09 AM
I'd prefer him in any kinda head thing. But I would rather have the hat off more.
Posted on: 7/31/01 8:10:38 AM
Awesome responses guys!!! I prefer the cowboy hat to. Never have seen him in a bandanna b4. pic anyone? the concert sat night he took his hat off like three times. Everyone went wild!!! lol..Keep replin...lovin the responses.
Posted on: 7/31/01 9:08:18 AM
Posted on: 7/31/01 9:41:42 AM
The COWBOY HAT......Most Definitely!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on: 7/31/01 10:15:44 AM
Posted on: 7/31/01 10:34:43 AM
I grew up with guys wearing baseball caps, so I lean in that direction. :-) ...But I've got to admit, the cowboy hat really makes him look cool! :-> !!!
Posted on: 7/31/01 11:47:58 AM
I have a picture with Chris wearing a rebel flag bandana, but I don't have any way right now to get a copy it on the website. My mom doesn't have her scanner hooked up to her new computer yet, but as soon as I can, I will try to get that picture on the site for everyone----he's looks pretty cool in the bandana, but I would take him with any of the three on. LOL Nikki
Posted on: 7/31/01 12:33:23 PM
I like him with anything he wears! ;)
Posted on: 7/31/01 12:45:04 PM
I like any thing he wears also. He is just so cute!!!! Not to mention such a swwetheart..:)
Posted on: 7/31/01 1:03:58 PM
cowboy hat, no baseball, no cowboy hat....oh, geez...i like him in anything. he's so darn handsome he doesn't need any accessories!
Posted on: 7/31/01 3:28:22 PM
Baseball hat turned backwards. As long as he has that sexy chest and hair he can wear ANYTHING and make me happy
Posted on: 7/31/01 3:39:36 PM
I've always been a sucker for guys in Cowboy hats.(I guess its since I grew up in Texas). I don't see many of those here in Virginia.
Posted on: 7/31/01 3:43:27 PM
Cool another caglehead from Va, Where bouts may I ask. ll us Va Cagleheads are gonna hafta get together some time!!!! Still lovin that sexy black cowboy hat!!!lol
Posted on: 7/31/01 3:56:45 PM
I just want to say he look fine with his Cowboy hat but he is he even Hotter with no hat. I like him in any thing he put in his head.
Posted on: 7/31/01 4:09:48 PM
Oh, it doesn't matter what he wears. Could you ask for anything more finer lookin' than him? Ooh La La! Do we really look at his hat anyways? :) He just has that sex appeal, with that smile of his, and those killer eyes. Yeah, baby! Chris can visit my dreams anytime!!!!
Posted on: 7/31/01 4:18:53 PM
I like chris Cagle in his cowboy hat kind of show what a real man can be. It also sexy.
Posted on: 7/31/01 4:19:09 PM
I like chris Cagle in his cowboy hat kind of show what a real man can be. It also sexy.
Posted on: 8/1/01 6:19:17 AM
Tracy, I live in Chesterfield, VA.
Posted on: 8/1/01 10:07:39 AM
Hey guys...was just surfin the other Cagle sites...saw a pic of Chris in a white baseball cap...Must say that runs a close second to the cowboy
Posted on: 8/1/01 2:35:25 PM
it wouldnt matter to me, but i like the cowboy hat.
Posted on: 8/1/01 2:35:57 PM
it makes him look increadibly sexy>)
Posted on: 8/1/01 4:16:19 PM
I prefer the cowboy hat, but I would take Chris any way I could get him :)
Posted on: 8/1/01 5:35:29 PM
cowboy hat, absolutely, I think it is becuase my Grandpap always wore a cowboy hat.
Posted on: 8/1/01 5:42:51 PM
We are talking about on his most northern head aren't we? Sorry, couldn't resist. That was down right dirty of me, but we're talking about Chris and I can't help it if he does that for me! I prefer whatever fits my mood. If I'm wanting him to be wholesome-the black cowboy hat, a bad boy-the backwards baseball cap, it depends. It doesn't matter, he looks hot in and out of it all!

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