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Topic: New Video
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Started on: 7/31/01 11:38:09 PM
I caught Chris' video for "On & On" the other day on GAC. What does everybody else think?
Posted on: 7/31/01 11:49:58 PM
that is chris's first isnt new. i still think it is a good video though!
Posted on: 7/31/01 11:52:46 PM
girl that video is old.......but the video is awesome just like everything chris does....cagleon
Posted on: 8/1/01 8:48:06 AM
"My Love Goes On And On" is the first video. "Laredo" is the second and its been out a while now.
Posted on: 8/1/01 8:58:14 AM
Well color me stupid! GAC must be boycotting it or something because it's the first time I have seen it! Why do they show the same old ratty videos from everybody & their cousins but hardy any Cagle?!?
Posted on: 8/1/01 9:14:03 AM
If we want the country music channels to play more Chris Cagle, we need to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!! They'll get the hint that all we want is Chris Cagle. Maybe they'll even make a Chris Cagle channel. Instead of cable tv, we'll all have CAGLE TV!:)
Posted on: 8/1/01 9:29:40 AM
Good one JayLynn...CAGLE TV...I wouldn't need a remote, cause there'd be no reason to change channels!!

Hey Meg, I freqently check GAC's playlist & they do play "My Love" once or twice a week, but it's usually at crazy times, like 2 a.m.!!!

I go to their webiste every morning & vote for both Chris Cagle videos, My Love & Laredo for the top 15. It is such a FUN video, I'd love to see more of it...we should all vote everyday for both videos, go to & let's be heard! Cagle On & On, **Lisa**

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