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Topic: Most Beautiful Man
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Started on: 8/1/01 12:19:18 AM
Chris got second place! The winner is actually two brothers...unless they are joined together bodily-siamese twins, I think they should be disqualified! The unofficial Most Beautiful Man Is Chris- MAN being the key word...since when are two people considered one MAN?You are always number one Chris every month of the year, not just for August!
Posted on: 8/1/01 12:58:48 AM
Dang! :-( Oh well at least we tried and I'm with you on that one Amy- Take Care- Always playing it loud in Florida~ Jennie
Posted on: 8/1/01 1:32:02 AM
Posted on: 8/1/01 4:41:23 AM
Oh man! That stinks!! We will just have to try, try again!!
Posted on: 8/1/01 6:56:18 AM
I agree that Chris is the MAN every month, not just one.
Posted on: 8/1/01 8:59:15 AM
Evan & Jaron are not siameese twins.
Posted on: 8/1/01 10:47:47 AM
Posted on: 8/2/01 1:26:49 PM
Recieved a reply to my letter! They are forwarding to the judging panel...admitted they represented the twins as one guy, and said the judges added the other twin so as not to disappoint his fans. Maybe the judges will slap themselves across the knuckels and place Chris as #1 where he belongs!
Posted on: 8/2/01 2:07:06 PM
I can't get into the site. Are all the Cagleheads visiting that site right now? Can we request a recount? Hehehe...just a thought. Chris IS NUMBER ONE DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! Yeah, baby!
Posted on: 8/2/01 3:24:36 PM
How cool would if be if Chris Cagle came out with a calander? At least year would look great! heh Heh!
Posted on: 8/2/01 3:41:29 PM
way to go, amy! it's the ehck can TWINS win when it's called MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN!!! i mean...ugh!!! i really hope some changes are made! Playin it Loud(er):), Miss Berni
Posted on: 8/2/01 3:42:17 PM
i meant heck, sorry!
Posted on: 8/2/01 4:31:05 PM
No actually both did not win. Jaron won.
Posted on: 8/2/01 4:35:37 PM
I agree. Chris is a very beautiful man...

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