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Topic: Thank you Nikki - you brightened my day
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View profile for Judee
Started on: 8/30/01 10:48:54 AM
Hey Nikki - I was feeling kinda unwanted & unloved. My email was down so I couldnt register for the board. I had sent pictures to a couple of people who never posted them. Got passed over for another raise. Get the picture.

I was convinced I was taking lousy pictures and couldnt do anything very well, so I opened your page and saw the front page and the two new additions to the Carroll Valley page and it cheered me up! BTW - the peace picture has been blown up to 8x10, signed by Chris AND he wanted a copy (Chris loved my pictures when I showed them to him)

I just got a new scanner, so I will be sending you Scaefferstown pics.

View profile for Utahgirl
Posted on: 8/30/01 11:00:00 AM
Isn't she the BEST! That Nikki could bring sunshine during the middle of a downpour, kinda like someone else we know!

I hope you're feeling better about things Judee & just so you know...your photo on her website is THE BEST Cagle photo I've ever seen, Fantastic know we need a photographer on the Cagle Bus! Take Care, **Lisa**

Posted on: 8/30/01 11:34:21 AM
We need one for the Wichita event also!! I loved the pics too. Great shots I must say! Brava to you Judee. Hope your week is gettin better.
View profile for Nikki
Posted on: 8/30/01 12:01:02 PM
Judee honey I'm glad that I could help to make your day BRIGHTER!! Your Cagle Family will always LOVE YOU no matter what else is happening in the world around you. Feeling blue..come on over to Cagleville we'll be sure to cheer up your day!!

Thanks ya hon! Nikki :)

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