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Topic: ~*Embarrasing*~
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Started on: 4/3/2002 7:19:51 PM
Today we had our science fair. My friend Ashley and I were fighting over Chris Cagle. She said "he's just another one hit wonder!" I wanted to kill her, but had to restrain myself because an elderly judge came to judge me. So as I was talking, Mrs. Perfect starts singing, quite loudly too,"Chris is a ______" to the music of "My love goes on and on!" Needless to say she is on My "Not speaking to people" list. How could a person say a thing like that? I didnt say a word to her just ignored her. Sad thing is she bought a Chris Cagle ticket before me! She came to school one day while i was talking about the concert and goes " I got 5th row ya know" I was like yea ok. It bothered me but i didnt let it show. The next day my momma surprised me w/ tickets!.....Floor. I didnt rub them in her face that wouldve been rude... but i did tell her i got a M&G not because i wanted to be rude or anything but cuz i was so excited this would be my first time. I thought she would share my happiness but i thought wrong. She now says stuff about chris when she knows im around... It bothers me but i dont want her to know its affecting me.... What do I do? *****MLGOAOFC*****

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