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Topic: Another Poll!
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View profile for AusTxCagleFan
Started on: 4/17/2002 6:36:26 AM
Chris is on the CMT daily poll.


View profile for Utahgirl
Posted on: 4/17/2002 9:21:42 AM
Thanks vote has been counted!

Get on over there Cagleheads & let it be known that THE MAN is on his way!! **Lisa**

Posted on: 4/17/2002 1:40:36 PM
Please let's vote some more on this poll!!!!!!
View profile for Chris_Cagle_galfan
Posted on: 4/17/2002 5:12:44 PM
HI! Thanks for telling us!!! Juliana
View profile for CagleChick1488
Posted on: 4/17/2002 7:17:04 PM
I am surprised to see that 40% of the people arent sure if he is gonna be successful. All I have to say to them is wait till u hear his next single, then they will ALL WISH THEY WOULD have voted yes!
View profile for cagle1fan
Posted on: 4/17/2002 7:41:36 PM
Mary, I saw the poll earlier. Thanks for posting about it.

People will realize what an amazing talent Chris is and one day we all can say I told you so! I hope he has a blast at his party tonight. I bet he is just on cloud 9! Jen(#1)

View profile for ~cRa*Z_cAgLe_cHiC~
Posted on: 4/18/2002 5:41:56 PM
are you kidding. Cagle is going all the way baby. he is right now. his songs are great. i love them. not to mention how adorrable he is.he-he.TMI

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