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Topic: BRETT???
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View profile for daycaremama
Started on: 4/19/2002 12:34:31 PM
OK Cagle fans... I need your help! Who can tell me the scoop on Brett (I think that's his name) Chris's merchandise manager? I met him at the Brooks and Dunn concert while waiting for the meet and greet. I would really love the stats on that man.
View profile for Utahgirl
Posted on: 4/19/2002 12:43:27 PM
He is a total sweet~tart! I met him in Nashville & again in SLC, he actually remembered me!

And even when I spilled beer on his table during a drunken stuper here in Utah...he was a total crusty looks or anything.

Not quite sure on his status...he did have a very pretty blonde with him in Nashville. Definately a great guy! **Lisa**

View profile for Kimberley
Posted on: 4/19/2002 6:00:39 PM
Uh-huh...I see how you guys are! Chris gets married, and all the cute guys around him are checked for "status"! LOL We should assign color status to wrist bands they all have to wear from now on!!! WAAAAA HAAAA

For the record--I'll confess...Brett caught *my* attention, too! [okay, I'd been drinking, but it wasn't beer goggles, I swear!] And chatting around, I *KNOW* a lot of Caglechicks are just dying to find out more about him.

We're on the edge of our seats, we need you to spill the beans ASAP ;)

~Kimmi in CO

View profile for V5chick34
Posted on: 4/19/2002 9:53:01 PM
hey girls! what a cutie Brett is! break me off a piece of that one! unfortunately though, he has a girfriend. a little known factL brett is actually an incredible singer and hopes to make it on his own one day. but in the mean time we get to look at him! hehe! although, i am still partial to the keyboard player... hehe....
View profile for #1cagleFanNaustin
Posted on: 4/19/2002 11:20:33 PM
oh yeah..he's a hottie alright, jsut ask Mary how I drool over him at all the concerts! He is a total sweetheart though, and apparently his g/f is so beautiful, shes been compared to barbie!!! :)

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