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Topic: Spur Update
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Started on: 5/30/2002 9:28:05 AM
Well, my best friend had a GREAT time at the concert! She said Chris reached out and grabbed her hand a couple of times and also wiped his sweat off his forehead and threw it on her! :) She enjoyed his performance so much! And...she brought me an autographed picture!!!! :) (She truly is my best friend!) I had to work that night and a man came into the restaurant (where I work) that looked like Chris' twin! I was so shocked - I thought that it had to be him! Even some of the waitresses were freaking out! One of the waitresses went up and asked him if his name was Chris and he said "no." She then turned to me and said, "See? It's not Chris Cagle!" I was so embarrassed. He was very flattered, however, and he was headed for the concert! At least I was next to someone that LOOKED just like him! :)

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