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Topic: Lost CMT on my cable
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View profile for Donna
Started on: 5/30/2002 9:28:42 AM
I got out of the shower this morning and discovered that the cable company added new channels and moved others around. In the process, they removed CMT.

I freaked out when I discovered. It looks like I will have to contact the cable company to see what I can do about it. If they won't change it back, I will need somebody to tape the Flameworthy Awards for me.

View profile for Donna
Posted on: 5/30/2002 11:13:33 AM
I am curious if this has happen in other part of the country. The cable company here started making these changes around town a few weeks ago. It didn't affect me until today.
View profile for bud8fan
Posted on: 5/30/2002 12:15:47 PM
Donna~~ That happened to us here in WA, only they added CMT and moved GAC to another channel, so actually now I've got the best of both worlds, plus one called VH-1 Country. I hope you get everything straightened out, I love my CMT and a big thanks to Adelphia for adding it to our channels. *Stacy*
View profile for Kimberley
Posted on: 5/30/2002 12:17:25 PM
Yeah, my cable company turned off CMT...and about all the other channels to my house! It seems they have this big problem with me not paying them for the service!! LOL!

But seriously, we have Adelphia, and they seem to change things around every few months. I had emailed them to get GAC, and they never responded, but suddenly we had GAC! I *know* they have to know way ahead of time what the changes are going to be, but they are no good at letting the customers know, in my opinion. The best bet, since email seems to not get a response, is probably to call your local office and find out what the heck is going on. Adelphia has this dumb deal now where you *must* have their digital box--not just a cable converter, a digital converter--to get certain channels (those over ch. 100 here), and CMT, GAC and VH1 Country are just about all above that now I think...? Anyway, good luck!

~Kimmi in CO

View profile for Donna
Posted on: 5/30/2002 1:28:39 PM
The cable company here doesn't carry GAC unless you have a dish. Even then, you still have to pay extra for it. I found that out from a friend of the family

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