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Topic: bunzai seeing chris
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jaden lee
Started on: 6/3/2002 1:30:14 PM
did bunzai finally get a chance to go see chris??? cause in a intrview he talks about a girl that flew up from alaska to see him, the address is was just curious cause i know she really wanted to see him, the articale is at the bottom of the page..
jaden lee
Posted on: 6/3/2002 1:35:29 PM
oops not spelling to good today sorry, what i meant to say is interview and article.
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Posted on: 6/3/2002 2:09:53 PM
Oh you little sweetie! I wish it were me that saw him! {whimper whine!} (at very bottom) Alas, I have not left the state in almost 3 years but WANT to! I'm still trying to get Chris to come up to Alaska... In the meantime, I'm gonna try to catch him when I fly down to Colorado in July to help my sister drive the ALCAN back up to Alaska. She's finally moving back home! I'll find a concert SOMEWHERE, SOME HOW, SOME WAY!!! Hook me up Cagleheads! LOL I'd love to meet some of you!

Now, though I haven't SEEN Chris yet in person, I did TALK to him on the phone in March I think it was! Karrie and Lori from Florida called me when they were waiting in line for the M&G and Chris talked to me for about 5 minutes. It was AWESOME! (Thanks to Lisa in Texas for trying to do this the week before; weren't able to cuz it was so cold Chris left right after the concert). So I got a bit of a Caglefix and will cherish that call forever! WOO HOO!!!!!

Ya with me Jaden Lee? Let's get da MAN and his boots up here asap!!! LOL

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