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View profile for Aimee78
Started on: 6/5/2002 5:57:20 PM
Ok Guys, I need some backup on this. I was over at CMT, on the message boards, and you will find this under Chris's messageboard, a message that is ripping our boy to shreds. The Writer is claiming that Chis is a rip off of Tim McGraw. I sent my reply but need all the Cagle heads to help on this one. We have to show our love and support for Chris ASAP..Go there and post what you think. Thanks everyone.
View profile for bud8fan
Posted on: 6/5/2002 6:19:09 PM
I just put in my 2 cents worth. Well, actually it was more like a dollar's worth, but hey, it just irks me when people go on there with nothing more in mind than to slam an artist whom they probably know nothing about.
View profile for Cagle1279
Posted on: 6/5/2002 7:14:18 PM
I don't condone "bashing"each other on these message boards anymore than the rest of my fellow cagleheads,BUT I think,that if all of us truly love Chris as much as we claim to,I think,that Chris himself would want us to just "turn the other cheek", and ignore anyone else's remarks who doesn't know Chris the way that we do. That's just my two-cents. P.S.I do think that standing up for Chris is great,but like I said,let's just show the alleged "bashers"that the Cagleheads are not gonna give them the satisfaction of mudslinging the way they do. So everyone just breathe in,breathe out,put one foot in front of the other & IGNORE these people that seem to have nothing better to do with their time,than to spread malicious lies & rumors.Ok? :-)
View profile for EBOO!
Posted on: 6/5/2002 7:33:48 PM
Cindi, I agree - somewhat. Stand up for what you believe in and we can comment POSITIVE, but no bashing of the other artist(s). I just had some huge disappointment with some peeps on one of my Tejano groups, because they bashed another artist, thinking it would make 'our' artist look good and all it did was make everyone look BAD. POST POSITIVE and always stand behind what you say is my motto. Even when I'm teed off, I still try to adhere to this challenge, and yes, I learned it the hard way too. :-) Cagle on and BOO!
View profile for Aimee78
Posted on: 6/5/2002 9:51:03 PM
I guess I didnt express myself clearly. All I ment was for us Cagle heads to stand up for Chris, but to do it in a postive way. Let them see how loyal and how much we love him, and that he is no rip off of Tim McGraw. I have nothing against McGraw, he is great too, but we need to postivly stand up and support our man at the same time. Thats all I ment, so please if you do go post, do it in a postive way. Dont slam McGraw, its not him, its some idiot who is behind this. Deal? Thanks guys, and PLAY IT LOUD ALWAYS!!

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