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Topic: C'mon Cagleheads Get voting!!!
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View profile for CagleninRI
Started on: 6/6/2002 10:33:57 AM
Calling all Cagleheads! We have to vote,vote,vote for Chris. I missed MWL and checked today and saw he wasn't in the running. We really have to change that. I think you can vote more thatn once. I voted twice this morning! We gotta get him in there!
View profile for EBOO!
Posted on: 6/6/2002 11:08:08 AM
Erin, I was very disappointed also. I KNOW WE CAN DO THIS! About to email you some 'creative' ways to vote. We can't let all the competition know --- and we know they read the MB, same way we read theirs. LoL. Of course we are fans of others, but when Chris is on the list, I only vote Chris. Good bye GA, goodbye DW, goodbye BS (they are very nice to us CH's) and goodbye whomever else. Sorry. :)

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