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Started on: 6/14/2002 11:12:30 AM
Enjoyed meeting all the cagleheads at the fan club party! Special "hi" to Loni from Ohio...girl you know you are slap crazy!!! Attended the awards!!!! He won!!!! Go Chris! So many artists at the was awesome. Partied w ZZ top at Tootie's bar in Nashville after the awards, yeah! Attended MWL show. What a performance Chris gave! Then he topped it off with a free show for the crowd afterwards! The energy was amazing. The little boy that Chris was talking to in the crowd was named Aaron. He was so cute and knew all of the words to Chris' songs! The older man upfront beside me and Leigh Ann was great...he really enjoyed the show and was kind enough to give us some CMT prizes that he caught. Seeing it on t.v. is great but being there live was an adrenalin rush. I will never forget the energy we felt. Thanks Chris and I hope you will think of me and Dana when you wear the "Atlanta's playin' It Loud" hat we gave you! Regina

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