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Topic: Pics of Aaron & Chris
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View profile for caglehead3
Started on: 6/16/2002 10:42:07 PM
If anyone has any pics of Aaron with Chris could you please mail them to me at [email protected] Thanks
Leigh Ann
View profile for Leigh Ann
Posted on: 6/17/2002 8:04:04 AM
Is this the same little boy who was at Most Wanted Live on Thursday up on someone's shoulders? I have a picture of him from that day - let me know. (Chris got a big kick out of him!)
View profile for caglehead3
Posted on: 6/17/2002 9:30:54 AM
Yes that's Aaron. He's my little brother. He also shared a Coke with Chris at the party.
View profile for Salsamaker
Posted on: 6/17/2002 9:55:20 AM
LOL That got my attention! You guys sure do get around. First you were at TFT in Dec and spent the day, which you could tell Chris LOVED that one. Aaron telling Chris his stories and things. Now you are in Nashville. I wish I could have been there with all my Caglekin, but it's been fun reading about it. Hope you and Aaron had a great time. ((wink))
View profile for Kimberley
Posted on: 6/17/2002 3:26:56 PM
I thought there was a picture of Aaron on the flipbook with Chris--getting a guitar signed at the fan club party or something??

~Kimmi in CO

View profile for kellysue
Posted on: 6/17/2002 4:16:19 PM
If this is the same little boy, he was up toward teh front of the pack. And if I remember, Chris waved a big wave to him and it just made that little boy's day. he was sitting there just a jammin' away like the rest of us. He was so cute!!
Jen In Indy
View profile for Jen In Indy
Posted on: 6/17/2002 6:09:25 PM
There was a picture of Aaron on the CMT flipbook. Go to and under Fan Fair there is a place to look at flipbooks, choose Chris Cagle and i think the one of Chris and Aaron is the last one! Hope that helps, i dont think you can print it but you may be able to use it as wallpaper!
View profile for OrlandoCagleFan
Posted on: 6/17/2002 10:00:47 PM
If this is the little boy that was on one of his parents shoulders at MWL, I think I may have a picture or two of you as well, not sure yet, I have 4 or 5 rolls from MWL so I will have to check, Leigh Ann, I got a picture of you at MWL when you were "sitting" before the show......LOL :)~~~~~~~ PLAY IT LOUD!!!!!!! Jason

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