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Topic: CAGLE FAMILY... U. Jason, Mom, A. Nikki, U. Utah, Amanda, Abbie...
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View profile for AussieWishin
Started on: 9/3/2002 5:30:43 PM
My Cagle family... I need some advice... For anyone who might open this thing, and you want this board to be all about Chris, I'd advise you to close this thread and not read it, because it's not Chris related. But guys' this guy that I've liked since I moved into where I live asked me out. My friend, Aleasha, is a friend of him and she told him that I was having a hard time in my world history class... and he told her that he wanted to help me "study." He called me and asked me if I would and I talked to my mom and she said it was cool, and she even said that's it's alright if we go see a movie or hang out at the mall or something before or afterwards.. which for most people whould be a dream come true! But this guy has a rep. Someone that used to go out with him told me that he's only in it for one thing... you can think of what that is, lol. And I know that I'm not ready for that step yet, I'm still young and all. I really, really, do like this guy, and I don't know if that girl was just saying that because she still likes him or what. I want to go out with him... and I need his help with world history.... i mean he aced the class and i have a report due Monday! So what should I do y'all?? Sammie
Nikki H.
View profile for Nikki H.
Posted on: 9/3/2002 6:21:39 PM
Sammie, I know that you are smart girl and I knwo that you ultimately do the right thing. You may be right, that girl may have what she said because she still likes the guy, but have you ever in your life let someone else make decisions for you? I guess I would say just go with your highly perceptive gut feeling on this guy. If he tries to push you into anything, you know how to say no. You can be honest with him from the get go and let him know your views and feelings on that and if he turns his back on you and walks away, then you know that's all he's about. If he sticks around after you tell him that, then give him a chance and see what happens. He might be the guy of your dreams. Just remember to use your common sense and good judgement and I think you will be fine with this situation. Take care and remember, you have my number and you call me collect if you need to talk--anytime. Ya know your Aunt Nikki is here for ya sweetie. OMG, I have no idea where this advice came from, like I'm really smart on relationships!!! LOL Love ya Sammie!
View profile for Salsamaker
Posted on: 9/3/2002 7:11:09 PM
Sammie, I'm crushed! You didn't ask me for help. (sniffle sniffle) LOL It's all good. I have to agree with your Aunt Nik on this one.

Go with your gut feelings but also be very cautious to not get yourself into a situation where you have no way out. What do I mean? Don't get into a car with him(if he's old enough to drive)or be in a situation where he has control and only he has the control. Go to the mall or another public place using public transportation (or a parent take you to the mall). Study together only when there is an adult in the house and NEVER in a bedroom! If he has a rep you will know soon enough if it's truth or fiction. And by all means if he moves too fast tell him straight up that you are NOT going to go there!

Ahh, the memories of the hormones raging teen years! If I ONLY knew then what I know now........ LOL

Nikki H.
View profile for Nikki H.
Posted on: 9/4/2002 6:54:57 AM
Salsa, Sammie asked for you help----aren't you "Mom" to her????? She included you on her list, right between me and Jason.
View profile for Salsamaker
Posted on: 9/4/2002 8:18:32 AM
OMGoodness, you are absolutely correct Miss Nik! Boy do I need to get to the eye doctor and SOON! Didn't even see that! DANG!!! LOL

Thank you Sister friend! I feel soooo much better now. DUH!

View profile for Flutechick728
Posted on: 9/4/2002 10:42:26 AM
Sammie I have to agree with Nikki and especially Salsa on this one...go with your gut, but stay in a place where he doesn't have all the control. This type of behavior was not that long ago for me-and I know what you are going through. If you decide to go out with him, make sure that it is somewhere you feel comfortable....a mall, the movies-if you study...go to the library or at your house (somewhere that other people are around). No matter what he says to you, just remember that you don't have to do anything you are not ready to do.If you are not sure that you trust him alone-get some friends together and go on a group date and get a study group together. Take care sweetie-Luv ya~Amanda!~
Devona aka HobieFan
View profile for Devona aka HobieFan
Posted on: 9/4/2002 12:14:11 PM
Just use your gut feeling! Just remember to be true to yourself! Smile!
View profile for Amanda
Posted on: 9/6/2002 6:12:52 AM
I agree with the others. Study at a "safe place". And just because someone says something like this guy has a rep, doesn't really make it true. I agree to keep your guard up but it isn't really fair to judge this guy before you know anything about him personally. I remember well how the rumor mill works in junior high and high school. Keep me updated and let me know, and sorry it took me a while I am still in the process of moving.

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