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Topic: Chris is so awsome!
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Started on: 9/4/2002 5:23:05 PM
I wish that he would win more awards. He (and Gary Allan) deserve it more than Faith and all the other people who win every year. Anyone agree?
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Posted on: 9/4/2002 8:02:36 PM
Amen! 'Cause Gary is second to Chris! Juliana
PA Caglehead
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Posted on: 9/6/2002 6:24:22 PM
I agree with ya girl!! Both Gary and Chris are awesome and deserve a lot more awards and recognition than they get!! Diane
Devona aka HobieFan
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Posted on: 9/6/2002 8:15:49 PM
Amen can't forget TP and Sawyer Brown! How about this for a tour idea ? We get Chris ,Gary ,TP ,& Sawyer Brown all on one tour! Me would be first in line!
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Posted on: 9/6/2002 9:37:15 PM
omg,you are so right.Chris deserves so much more. but his time will come,we just have to keep on voting for him and requesting him on cmt and radio.i know he deserves,but we need to help him yall. Chris rocks yall!!

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