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Topic: WHEW...What a weekend!!!
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View profile for Utahgirl
Started on: 9/5/2002 11:39:04 AM
Oh geez, I sense another Utah novel coming on....LOL

Well, I survived my 8th Cagle show, my dad's back surgery and my brothers wedding!!!

Chris gave Utahns an absolutely fantastic show on Friday night in Salt Lake City and in his usual way, made so many new fans!

After spending most of the day at the hospital with my Dad, it was so great to be treated to another amazing Cagle concert! It was an outdoor event & the weather was gorgeous. Sonnett, Shar & myself got there early with kids in tow and took over the right side of the front row. The local radio station did an interview w/ Chris and we got there just as they were finishing up. I stayed behind the crowd but sent my 2 cuties up to say hello, when they got to him, he said "Hi Guys" then asked, "Do you have something for me to sign?" I hollered, "No, they are just saying HELLO!" He looked up, cut through the crowd and came over with one of those Cagle hugs & a "HEY GIRL, How ya doin'?", it was so very sweet of him to do that! He visited w/ the boys for a minute & kept rubbing Jonathans spiked was too cute! He continued to greet the crowd and sign items.

Timmy came over and informed us that the M&G we were all hoping for would indeed be taking place shortly and we met up with him later for that! On the Timmy subject, you are all sooooo right, what a terrific person he is. You know how much I loved Brett, still do, but I was so very impressed with Timmy's kindness and manorisms, definately one heck of a guy!

The M&G, wasn't too full, maybe 20 people, mostly family and close friends, so it was just great! I brough my CAGLNUT license plate for Chris to sign, he got a real kick out of it & held it up for our picture! I also brought our photo from Vegas in my drunken stuper which made him laugh and mentioned how nice it was of me to be acting normal this time!

Now about that wonderful show...Chris performed in his #3 ball cap, as his "LID"..aka Cowboy Hat was left on the bus which was being worked on in another city!LOL He played for over an hour with such intensity and emotion, when it was time for IBIIBO, he managed to get out a line or 2 but the crowd of thousands took over every word until he just said, "Alright then, you guys sing it!" and sing it we did...EVERY single line, all he could do was stand there shake his head and cry, it truly was completely overwhelming!

A fun hightlight was Chris shouting to the folks in the high rise hotel watching from there rooms to "COME ON DOWN, we'll show you a Hillbilly @$$ kicking good time!LOL The crowd went wild and he then made a great catch as an on looker threw a football his way, he returned the favor with a pass right back to the guy! The man still has some of those football skills in tact and had know problem showing them off!

It was a great GREAT concert and left me looking very forward to #9! Love y'all, IS IT DECEMBER YET???? **Lisa**

View profile for dhcaglefan30
Posted on: 9/5/2002 1:01:28 PM
Thanks for the story UtahGirl!!!.....I always love to hear about his concerts.....And isnt Timmy just great???...CAGLE ON!!
View profile for bud8fan
Posted on: 9/5/2002 1:02:17 PM
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa.... Another awesome "Utah Review" as always!!! I am having some serious CagleWithdrawals now. Only 10 more days to go until Mr. Cagle makes his way up here to the Northwest again. I'm so glad you had such an awesome time and that your dad's surgery went a~okay!! Sounds like you had quite the weekend :0) I would LOVE to make a Vegas road trip in December, although with Christmas and our youngest son's birthday that month, I don't know, but I will definitely try my darndest to make it south. Again...thanks for the terrific review and glad to hear you had such a fantastic time!!! *Stacy*
Devona aka HobieFan
View profile for Devona aka HobieFan
Posted on: 9/5/2002 1:47:27 PM
Hey Lisa, now I know why my e-mailbox is not so full! Just NO turning Heidi into Caglehead on Sept. 12,2002! By the way watch out for birthday hug from ira! I kinda let it slip you were going to see them in honor of your birthday! SORRY!
View profile for Salsamaker
Posted on: 9/5/2002 3:29:17 PM
LISA!!! MISSED YA GIRLIE!!! Now we know why, you were having the time of your life!THANKS FOR THE AWESOME REVIEW. I ALWAYS LOVE READING YOUR STORIES!! One of these days I'm gonna be at one of those concerts with YOU!!! ROFL Cagle may not come out of the bus if we're together!TWO CRAZY CAGLEHEADS!!!

Hope your dad is on the road to a quick recovery. As far as I know, Mom is still doing okay with her recovery, but goes in for more tests tomorrow. I think I sent you an e-mail on it all. (((((HUGS))))) LOVE YA!!!

View profile for SandraR
Posted on: 9/5/2002 5:04:24 PM
Great review, Lisa. I was wondering where you was. I hope your Dad is doing good. Hugs to you!
View profile for OrlandoCagleFan
Posted on: 9/5/2002 8:22:32 PM
View profile for Utahgirl
Posted on: 9/6/2002 3:49:08 PM
Hey you guys...thanks for all the sweet comments, as always, you're all much too kind!

NOW, What's this Devona, you let he cat out of the bag??? What am I gonna do with you woman??? Well, if IRA manages to remember, I'll take any hugs he's giving...birthday or otherwise! LOL Thanks for taking such good care of me, I'm really looking forward to that show!

Oh Salsa, my spicy~sister, I've missed you too honey, and I'm praying for your mom. I hope the day comes that we will be Cagle'n together...Poor Chris! LOL

Thanks so much for the comments on my Dad, he hasn't been doing to well and I have another brother getting married tonight, so I hope he will be able to make the wedding!

Have a great time at your show Stacy, I'm so glad you get to see Chris again and I hope Vegas works out, we'd love to see you!

Now listen to this...I had to tell you guys what I recd today from K102 here in SALT LAKE, this was sent via email in their weekly newsletter, Pretty cool:

THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT! K102 would like to Thank all of you who joined us for the Chris Cagle concert last Friday at The Bite of Salt Lake. Chris is a great performer and he put on an amazing show. The Gallivan Center was filled to the gills during his performance and Chris set a new record for signing the most autographs at a single performance!

What a guy, what a show! **Lisa**

Devona aka HobieFan
View profile for Devona aka HobieFan
Posted on: 9/7/2002 6:52:57 PM
Soon me get done surfing Cagle's site I will send a reminder to tp! Just remember Lisa to tell you know who that me see him in Oct.! No pulling my stunt! You can have CAGLE'S look like bkb. Have a great Cagle day!

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