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Topic: Those of you going to Taylorville
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View profile for kellysue
Started on: 10/11/2002 1:55:17 PM
Are any of you going to make a sign or bring anything for Chris. I thought about bringing something for him. I thought about making a sign but dont want to be the only one with one. Thanks
View profile for Aimee78
Posted on: 10/13/2002 10:52:52 PM
Hey just read your post so I thought I would give you a heads up. I have not heard anything about not being able to have signs there but I dont know that they are real happy with them either...Its a small place and they like everyone to have a clear shot of the just thought I would let you know... Aimee
View profile for wyndy7
Posted on: 10/15/2002 5:17:37 AM
Taylorville is in my backyard, and yes it is a small venue. Not too many fans have signs there, altho I am usually down front. The venue is small and yes they do try to keep everything clear so that everyone has a good sight of the stage. While it's not a rowdy venue (darn it) it is an excellant place to kick back and enjoy the entertainment. You will have a great time. There are 2 shows, we are going to the last one, how does Chris handle his meet and greets when there are 2 shows? Thanks Wyndy
View profile for kellysue
Posted on: 10/15/2002 10:05:50 AM
Thanks, I have been there before but has been YEARS ago. I saw Fabian, Chubby Checker, Bobby Rydell and have seen Sawyer Brown. but like I said it has been years since I'd been there and didn't know if they allowed them or not.

I also dont know how'll they'll do the M&G either. I would assume they would do i one before each show. Esp. since not everyone is going to both shows like me. :(

View profile for CagleChick1488
Posted on: 10/15/2002 4:38:28 PM
Im gonna be there with about 10 other people. I think we got 5th row seats, and my BFF got 2nd row seats. If any of you are gonna be there and want to meet up, email me or post back on here and let me know !! ALSO if you are going to the early show, how early are you gonna be there for the M&G??
View profile for cagle1fan
Posted on: 10/15/2002 5:32:53 PM
Anytime I have been to concerts where Chris has two performances the M&Gs have been in between the two shows. Jen#1
View profile for kellysue
Posted on: 10/16/2002 10:04:57 AM
Thanks Jen for the info. That's what I thought too about the M&G. But now will they allow 60 people (30 for each show) or just 30?
View profile for CarlaGeorge
Posted on: 10/16/2002 12:34:56 PM
I was there for Trick Pony on Saturday, there was a little girl with a sign....she stood off the the left of the people out of the way, so I think they probably didn't let her stand up with the sign unless it was over the left up against the wall. as to not be in anyones view...Trick Pony is wild & ask us to stand up a couple times, but mostly we sat down...though we all stood up for a few's a sit down place that's for sure!! But small & like Heidi said like playing in her living room. Heidi read the little girls sign which said I want to be like Heidi when I grow up....she shook the girls was great!! Can't wait to see Chris this Saturday. OH, the meet & greet for Trick Pony was inside after each of the shows because it was rainy. They ask fanclub & people with passes to wait inside after the show. There is a small room backstage that holds like 5 people...we were there for Michael Peterson a fews years back & he said this is too small & took us to his bus 5 people at a time....any other meet & greets at Taylorville I've been to have been outsite near the bus. Hope this helps answer some questions !! See yŠll Saturday !! Carla
View profile for wyndy7
Posted on: 10/16/2002 5:05:40 PM
We were at TP Sat night also, second show and we arrived early for the meet and greet between shows. In fact we were the first in line. They did line us up outside first, then took us inside. The backstage area is very narrow. Ideally NAshville North would prefer the M&G's after the last show, then they use the lobby. But they have to do what the artists want to do. The 2 shows make it difficult. I usually call and find out what the M&G plans are the day of the show. I know it will be a great time Sat night! And for any of you that are close, Nashville North has a great line up for 2003 already. keith urban, Phil Vassar just to name a couple that have been added in the last week. See ya all Sat! Wyndy
View profile for cagle1fan
Posted on: 10/16/2002 6:59:58 PM
I think you misunderstood my post. At the concerts I have been to where Chris has done 2 perfromances there has been only 1 M&G and it was between the 2 shows. Jen#1
View profile for kellysue
Posted on: 10/17/2002 1:09:46 PM
Jen, I understood what you meant by that, but was just wondering since he is doing two shows, if they allow 60 people(30 for each show) at the m&g or if only 30 people all together for the two shows and have it between the two shows. Have never been so I'm wanting to find out as much as possible. Thanks again.
View profile for cagle1fan
Posted on: 10/17/2002 7:24:25 PM
Same amount will be allowed back, it is still one M&G so 30 fanclub members will be able to go back. Jen#1
Posted on: 10/17/2002 8:52:37 PM
That is not necessarily true about the M & G between shows. Actually, as a rule of thumb, they are usually one hour before the first show. I know some people who missed the one in Knoxville because it was before the first show. I would be there before the first show for the M & G.
View profile for Caglehead#468
Posted on: 10/18/2002 11:01:47 AM
Just to comment on the location of the meet n greet. I think the only reason our Trick Pony MnG (last weekend) was not out by the bus was because the temperature was so cold and that it was raining. Otherwise, my buddy said that meet n greets she had done there before were either by their bus or ON their bus. I still have a feeling Jen is right on this one though. I can't imagine those stingy people at Nashville North letting people in for the first show/meet n greet an hour before the show! I was not impressed with the attitudes of the people that run that place. Sorry for my harsh opinion..maybe it was just me overreacting to the situation.

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