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Topic: sending mini-mes
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View profile for kellysue
Started on: 10/15/2002 10:18:38 AM
Ok, girls, for those of you who want to send your mini-me's to Taylorville, ya better send 'em. I only have two. One from Samantha and one from Charlene. I printed them out to take so ya better hurry. I will be glad to take anyone's mini-me if you sy it's ok she can go and be out late. ha lol.. just email them to me.
View profile for bud8fan
Posted on: 10/15/2002 12:53:06 PM
Kelly Sue~ I just emailed ya!! Hopefully it worked, if not let me know. *Stacy*
Posted on: 10/15/2002 4:12:49 PM
Mini Meow Wants to go!!!!!!! Watch out, she's on a rampage, hasn't seen Chris in ages!!!!!! Just give her a piece or two of chocolate and she'll calm down :)

View profile for HeartOfaCntryGrl
Posted on: 10/16/2002 8:51:10 AM
Alright.. You let me know if my mini-me isn't good.. She better be on her BEST behavior... She has a tendancy to get a little wild... This is my first time to send her out in public with someone... So I am a little scared.. Thank you for taking her.. I hope that she has a Caglerific time... PLAY IT LOUD!!! ~Charlene
View profile for Tigger
Posted on: 10/16/2002 9:40:31 AM
Come visit my world - Angel's Playground
This is for Sam - someone please take her along with you!!! she'll be at Montana West tomorrow nite tho... along with mini-Bunzai! and I'm sure Baltimore is going to make sure that she sticks a mini-Georgia and a mini-Kim in with that mini-Utah!!! (wish you all could be there! miss you much!)

View profile for kellysue
Posted on: 10/16/2002 9:59:02 AM
thanks. I've been getting them through email. And then I've printed them out. Trust me, they will behave. If not, i'll put them in their I'll stuff 'em in my purse and lock it. ha. or I send them to the car!! I usually try that w/ the kids, but doesnt' work. Anyway, they will have fun. I will let ya know how it goes. I absolutely can not wait!!! A night without twins. I don't know whether to be more excited about no kids or seeing Chris!? Can ya tell I'm in desparate need of a CRT??
View profile for CAGLE
Posted on: 10/16/2002 11:52:05 AM
   Oh Heather! How did you know that I wanted to go to?? I am missing all you girls and CAN'T WAIT to see you all in December! Give Cagle a HUGE hug from his California girl and tell him the Cagle'n car picture came out AWESOME!!

Miss you all. Have a blast for me, okay?? And try not to let "mini-me" in tooo much trouble!! Hugs!

View profile for CAGLE
Posted on: 10/16/2002 11:53:30 AM
Okay... why didn't mini-me's picture show up???

   Let's try this again!!
View profile for CAGLE
Posted on: 10/16/2002 11:54:51 AM
Oops! Guess I REALLLY need a CRT!!
Posted on: 10/16/2002 5:56:36 PM
View profile for Bunzai
Posted on: 10/16/2002 7:57:17 PM
For those who need to make themselves a mini-me to send on trips, go to and create one! WOO HOO!!!!! I had a LOT of fun on that site, once I figured out how to do it! LOL If you get a little confused, feel free to write me cuz I've been thru the trials and errors on that site. LOL

Tigger (Heather) created the original Bunzai mini-me wearing leather pants and a cropped tank top. And now that I've FINALLY figured out how to make my own, I now have one in a mini-skirt, spiked heels and dark red lipstick!! WAA HAA HAAAAAAAAA!!! Yes, the same one who's been riding da leezard thru the streets of Hillsboro!!!!! HEE HEE

But the favorite mini-me I think I've made is the one in the long blue strapless ball gown, long gloves, hair piled up on top of her head and an angel hanging over her shoulder. Bunzai's mini-me is so WILD and CRAZY she needs that angel by her side!!! HEE HEE

I'm a-thinking too..... {THINK THINK THINK} of sending a date along with my mini-me, so Kelly, make room for two! WOO HOO!!!!! I got a mini-man hunk I created just for this purpose! LMAO

Thanks for taking our mini-mes along. We appreciate it SO MUCH!!! One of these days, we're gonna haveta fill Chris in on the mini-me clan. Don't you think he'd LOVE the fact that those of us who can't attend in person are there in spirit as mini-mes??? LOVE IT!!!!! You should whip them all outa your purse and get a picture with him and all the mini-mes!!! WAA HAA HAAAAAAAAA {snorfle} Up, up and Cagle Away......... YEEHAW! Let's hit da road!

View profile for Tigger
Posted on: 10/17/2002 8:26:25 AM
Come visit my world - Angel's Playground
For those of you that want some help -

Mini-Me Directions

I collected all the mini-me's a while ago and created the Mini-caglehead convention.... but I think that got lost with my server switch. So as soon as I get the rest of my site transferred, I'll start collecting again! *Heather

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