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Topic: Those who are planning to go to the WSM Wildhorse event, here is some info...
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Kimberly H. (Kimmy)
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Started on: 10/15/2002 10:10:13 PM
Hi Ya'll!

After emailing, calling, and trying to get a hold of someone with the idea I had (I was emailing everyone I could think of), I finally got a response for those who are wanting to come to the breakfast. This isn't much information but management says it is subject to change (like any concert)....sooooo...right now the idea is sitting tight until management says everything is a go. Of course, I am hoping they do this idea mainly cause a lot of ya'll are coming out of town and it will be extremely hard to win the tickets especially if SheDaisy or Brad Paisley is also going to be there. **Trust me, winning anything on 95 is hard...I have won only once any that was only because it was at 5 AM in the morning.** Plus, I REALLY want the Cagleheads out in huge turnout for one, to make some noise (which I know we can do) secondly, to sing as loud as we can to make that recording (which they usually use those for live versions of singles), and third but most importantly to just give Chris a big smile on his face!

So, I will keep emailing and bugging them to get this going and hopefully everything will work out. Ya'll will be ther first to know - trust me!

Cagle on everyone and God bless!


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Posted on: 10/15/2002 11:46:47 PM
Hey Kimmy!

Thank you so much for trying to handle this. I know I've been trying different angles too, and so far I think I may get lucky with tickets. I am for sure going to be there! Wouldn't miss Chris and Nashville for NOTHING!!

Let us know when you find anything out. Kim

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