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Topic: Chris on WSM this morning
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Leigh Ann
View profile for Leigh Ann
Started on: 11/6/2002 9:09:45 AM
If you are able to listen online this morning, WSM will be interviewing Chris. Go to Also, they will replay the performances from yesterday on tommorow's morning show.
Posted on: 11/6/2002 12:06:27 PM
Thanks for letting us know. I got to hear it too. He was so cute talking about the new CD coming out. He's really excited about it.
View profile for CAGLE
Posted on: 11/6/2002 12:09:16 PM
Missed it. Was still sleeping after that early show yesterday!!
Leigh Ann
View profile for Leigh Ann
Posted on: 11/6/2002 12:32:14 PM
Gee Kim, can't imagine why - we only got up about 3:30 didn't we? HA. Have fun up there - too mad some people had to go back to work!
View profile for danielle
Posted on: 11/6/2002 4:05:48 PM
Leigh Ann- just remember that lying and church don't go well together! :)
View profile for CagleFan824
Posted on: 11/7/2002 7:24:08 AM
Did I miss the replay of Tuesdays show? I was up at 7 this morning and got right on wsmonline and I didnt hear anything? I am beginning to wonder if I am at wrong place. I had it on all morning Tuesday from 6:30 till 10:30 and didnt hear anything then either???

For future references can someone tell me if I am at right place. on I clicked on 95.5Live and the radio page came up.. Thats what I have been listening to and nothing, nada, zip:-(

Someone please let me know! Thanks Tina

Cravin Sum Cagle
View profile for Cravin Sum Cagle
Posted on: 11/7/2002 7:40:10 AM
Iím wondering the same thing. Iíve listened both days and still havenít heard a thing. I clicked on the same thing you did, so Iím not sure what the deal is. Iíll keep listening just in case! Let me know if ya hear anything :o)
Leigh Ann
View profile for Leigh Ann
Posted on: 11/7/2002 7:54:24 AM
I've been listening for a while and haven't heard it yet either. They have been talking about the CMA Awards so far. Hopefully it will be a little later in the show. The guys from the radio station said it would be on this morning's show but didn't give a specific time.
View profile for OHCAGLEGIRL
Posted on: 11/7/2002 9:20:08 AM
I listened the whole show and I did not hear anything on Chris. I keep thinking that I was on the wrong channel
Leigh Ann
View profile for Leigh Ann
Posted on: 11/7/2002 9:26:50 AM
Keep listening; they may play more. They just played "In America" and it sounded amazing!
Jason West
View profile for Jason West
Posted on: 11/7/2002 11:06:11 AM
I called the DJ at WSM-FM this morning and requested Chris's "What a Beautiful Day." Turns out that the DJ is originally from outside the Pittsburgh area, so we chatted for a while Chris at the Wildhorse. Keep requesting! Let's help to give Chris a terrific birthday. JW

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