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Topic: I know I'll get trashed for this but.....
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View profile for Cagle1279
Started on: 11/8/2002 1:45:31 PM
I know that I havent posted here much,and this is ONLY MY opinion,but I think,that it is TOTALLY UNFAIR,for whoever is in charge of booking the MWL tour,to COMPLETELY cancel a show without notice,just days short of the show,with absolutely NO reason given,except for the alleged assumption,of "poor ticket sales".I had 4th row seats for the show in Birmingham,AL.,which is the closest that I have EVER gotten at ANY concert,and now I have to go through hassles with TicketMaster to get a refund.And what REALLY stinks, is the money that Ive spent.Two tickets cost me approximately $67.00 with tax & everything & then I STUPIDLY turn around and renew my fanclub membership just so I can get into the Meet & Greet,because this would've been the first time that I had ever actually seen Chris in concert,and now NONE of that is worth CRAP. And on top of that,I spent almost $25 for a Birthday present for Chris,that now I wont even get to give him. I know this might not mean alot to most of you that have seen/met chris,but to me,this is at least the 5th chance that Ive had within about a year to actually see him perform live,but for some reason something has ALWAYS prevented me from seeing him onstage LIVE.And I apologize for "venting"like this,but you guys have no idea how truly heartbroken I am right now. And when I finally got the chance to attend his fanfair party in June,he was so pressed for time,that he didnt even get the chance to sing there either. :-( Oh well,thanks for listening because Im sure that some of you are as frustrated over some of the cancelled MWL shows as I am.
View profile for Salsamaker
Posted on: 11/8/2002 2:37:06 PM
Sweetie, I understand whole heartedly how you feel. You can send his birthday present to him, I believe that you can send an e-mail at the contact us for a street address. I know they will give him all the boxes he receives. I would be mad as heck too if I spent that kind of money and not get to go. I hope they refund all your money that you put out for the tickets.

The fan club membership is worth it, even if you don't get to meet him. You still get the newsletters, etc. I'm on my second membership and tonight will be my first M&G, if I'm lucky enough to get there in time. LOL Chin up Kiddo, things could be much worse.

View profile for Bunzai
Posted on: 11/8/2002 4:57:26 PM
Hey Cindi, I know you're upset and I'm sorry for that. The chance to see Chris, {gasp} what a thrill!!! And to have the rug pulled out from under you each time, what a downer!!! Girlfriend, I chased Chris across the country in late July, from Colorado to Ohio. He was one day ahead of me as I travelled East. Imagine my disappointment to be so close, yet so far away. I feel for you.

Just know that things happen for a reason, God works in mysterious ways. Maybe when you finally DO get to see Chris onstage, he'll sing a song while looking you in the eye! WOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!! OMG, how LOVELY!!! Chris knows that I was trailing behind him this summer, trying to catch up but never making it. I wasn't travelling alone so it wasn't like I could just say "Hey you get me there and then wait in the car while I go meet Chris!"

I am POSITIVE that Salsa would enjoy tremendously bringing our mini-mes with her

View profile for Bunzai
Posted on: 11/8/2002 5:06:53 PM
so long as we don't get in too much trouble. RIGHT SALSA????? So let's get ready to go! I think the concert's tonight! YEEHAW!!!!!!! Mini-me is jumping up and down in excitement! WOO HOOOO!!!!! Perhaps one of the wonderful Cagleheads will find a way to call you and then put Chris on the phone!!! It's happened to me twice now and I LOVED being able to talk to Chris!!!!! {Makes ya feel kinda special!} Okay Cindi, let's go pack!
View profile for rascalsllama
Posted on: 11/8/2002 6:21:38 PM
Hey girl I hear ya! I am driving 15 hours down to North carolina and I find out after getting 2 row that he cancelled to do the Opry instead. Beleive me I wasn't to thrilled about that.I understand its a great oppurtunity for him to play but doesn't he realize people have bought tickets for this tour just for him..So think of it this way at least there is a way for you to get your money back!
View profile for LorieinSTL
Posted on: 11/8/2002 9:15:51 PM
well at the Concert in St. Charles there were soooooo many empty seats....I was surprised it wasn't cancelled. I dont understand why they are having problems filling the seats. The Family Arena is NOT a big place. Kinda sad. Sorry that you missed out.
miss texas
View profile for miss texas
Posted on: 11/8/2002 10:07:37 PM
CHIN UP DARLIN!!!!!!!!!THINGS WILL WORK OUT................
View profile for Jan32986
Posted on: 11/9/2002 1:11:40 AM
I have to agree with you on this one. I spend money that I really don't have to travel and see Chris. I think whoever is making the decisions needs to keep us in mind when they make quick changes. Maybe I am wrong on this one but for me to be able to travel out of state takes alot of effort and money and I haven't been on the losing end yet but I am afraid to make any plans anymore. I don't understand the shows not selling enough tickets because I heard that Brad was the "Most Wanted" right now. Evidentally the people not buying tickets have never seen Chris before. Right?????????

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