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Topic: Where is our favorite Alaskan Caglehead?
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View profile for Meghan
Started on: 12/12/2002 10:54:44 PM
Has anyone heard from Bunzai? I haven't seen her post for quite awhile, I didn't know if any of you have been chatting with her via email, or if she's just busy and MIA...
Jason West
View profile for Jason West
Posted on: 12/12/2002 11:51:04 PM
Oh my. I hope she didn't kill over with excitement from Saturday's show at the Silverton in Vegas! After all, Cagle did sing to her live on stage and then talked with her at the meet and greet. Lady Bunzai, have you recovered from the shock of Saturday night? My appologies for the second call being so late but the meet and greet wasn't until after Chris played. JW
View profile for Meghan
Posted on: 12/13/2002 8:43:28 AM
WooHoo!!!! I hope her crazy mini-me is okay too!!! I kinda miss her "incomings!!"
View profile for Bunzai
Posted on: 12/13/2002 1:38:34 PM
{BOING BOING BOING} Incoming Bunzai! {OOF, OUCH, TUMBLE, FALL, SPLAT} Dang leezard! Won't he EVER get the landing right??????? Maybe he's doing it on purpose cuz I wouldn't give him a Caglerita. He's been playing eject-a-mini-me lately and I'm getting mighty tired of it, not to mention bruised! Bad leezard, BAD LEEZARD!

Oh Jason, that was SUCH a GREAT evening for me! I thank you thank you thank you for making it one of the best ever by calling me and not only giving me a chance to talk to Chris but to listen to him sing too! WOO HOO!!!! You shoulda seen mini-me when Chris was singing! She was bopping all around the house, going wild, dancing up a storm!!! Whereas I was cool, calm and collected -- NOT! I must admit, I did a little of the Cagle shuffle myself, even threw in a "WOO HOO!" with a little arm pumping action! WAA HAA HAAAAAAA {evil laugh}

That's the third time now I've gotten to talk to Chris on the phone and I know I am truly blessed to have the friends I have in the Cagle family. You guys ROCK! I LOVE YA!!!!!

As for me being missing in action, yep dat's me!!! My office moved at the beginning of the month so I've been busier than heck getting back on my feet there. And now that it's Christmastime I've been madly preparing for that... {Can't you just see me, concentrated frown on face, tongue sticking out, wrapping lights around the trees outside?}

I am FINALLY getting into the Christmas spirit BIG TIME!! I have an 8 foot lighted archway in my yard into which I've interwoven red, white and blue lights..... then I put a fuzzy lighted up reindeer beneath the arch (complete with red glowing nose) and attached my daughter's little police car behind Rudolph with a lighted rope (she's mad at me, doesn't want it there, but it's so CUTE!). I'm not even done yet but so far my yard looks AWESOME (I might have to take pictures for you)! I also have a light-up Santa and snowman and lights all along the walkway. WOO HOO! I haven't gone this wild EVER!!! But I'm truly enjoying myself!

So yes, I've been kinda busy though have spent a little time lurking. I miss you all and wish you a great holiday season! God Bless Chris Cagle and da Cagleheads!

View profile for Meghan
Posted on: 12/13/2002 7:03:24 PM
It's good to see you back!!! Tell that Leezard he'll get his Caglerita when he learns how to behave!!! (Like that'll ever happen!! He wreaked havok in Hillsboro in July!!)


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