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Topic: Not about Chris, BUT
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View profile for I_luv_Cagle
Started on: 12/13/2002 8:00:11 PM
have ya'll seen the video, for Martina McBride's video "Concrete Angle" its so sad.... the end is mom didnt understand the end at first and I told her, that lil boy was dead too from being abused and he knew she was gunna die, so he was there for her, andthose other little kids at the end were dead too from being abused..Im right....right?! -Ashley
View profile for caglefanfromillinois
Posted on: 12/13/2002 10:58:26 PM
I didn't get that from the video -- knowing me I probably overlooked that but it was very sad!! I had tears rolling out!! Yes I'll admit it was a great video and struck a nerve. --Drew
View profile for Kara_Jo
Posted on: 12/14/2002 2:36:29 PM
That was a really sad video. I don't think it really implied that all those kids were killed from abuse, but maybe. I just hadn't thought about it that way. That makes it even sadder.
View profile for I_luv_Cagle
Posted on: 12/14/2002 3:09:47 PM
yea, thats what I got from it, becacuse that little boy walked right through a preson, like they werent even there, so to me it was dead too, and so were the little kids..

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