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Topic: What's everyones New Years Resolutions??
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Started on: 1/8/2003 7:41:13 PM
I know this is kind of late, but what is everyones new years resolutions. I still don't know what mine is yet. So ya'll can tell me yours and maybe I'll get an idea of what mine will be!! PLAY IT LOUD all you CAGLEHEADS!!
View profile for Meghan
Posted on: 1/8/2003 8:11:33 PM
Mine is to travel to see Chris in concert after February 1st (my birthday)

I really want to go to see him on March 28th, but that's a long car ride and I have no one to bring with me, as of yet.

I'll get there!!


View profile for Caglefan4ever
Posted on: 1/8/2003 8:59:20 PM
My resolution is to see if I can get to more Cagle concerts than I did in 2002!I LOVE seeing Chris and meeting all of you guys!I saw Chris three times last year. So far, I'm planning on Mar.15 at Geneva and May 10 in Springfield, IL (if Drew is able to get everything accomplished.)Hope everyone here on the board is able to see at least ONE Cagle concert in 2003!

PLAY IT LOUD and Cagle On!


View profile for caglehead
Posted on: 1/9/2003 11:37:03 AM
My resolution stop and think about what I'm doing...I have a tendancy to get roped into doing things I dont want to do because my mouth works before my brain and YES comes flying out of my mouth before I can stop it! I hate it when that happens! HAPPY NEW YEAR CAGLEHEADS!
Devona aka HobieFan
View profile for Devona aka HobieFan
Posted on: 1/9/2003 7:30:30 PM
I have a very simple one. Which is to be happy.
View profile for Cagle1279
Posted on: 1/9/2003 8:23:53 PM
My resolution,is to FINALLY get to see an entire chris cagle concert. Because no matter how many times I tried to see him in 2002,something always happened,and I never got to see him perform LIVE !! Although,for the 5 minutes that I did get to meet him at his fc party in June,that was a truly unbelieveable experience.And believe me,I WILL see a live show of his THIS year,or I will DIE trying.

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