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Topic: Thank you Meghan!
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Jason West
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Started on: 1/10/2003 12:23:37 AM
Meghan! OMG! I love the pics that you posted on page 2 of the site! I realized after we got back from Hillsboro that I didn't have any pics with any of the Cagleheads. Those are terrific!

Laredo is soooo adorable. It makes me miss my black lab, Ashley. She passed on after 15 great years. Labs absolutely love the water. Ashley would jump into the swimming pool all the time and then walk up the ladder to get out! Amazing. I love labs! And I know that Miss Baltimore does too!

Does anyone out there happen to have a picture of Meghan and me at Hillsboro? I don't have one and would like to get one posted on the site. Oh, Leopard Peg, where have you been lately? You are in the group shot by the "Cagle Island" sign! Hillsboro 2003, here we come! JW

View profile for CAGLE
Posted on: 1/10/2003 12:35:19 AM
This isn't about Meghan, or Hillsboro, or......... but I wanted to add:

I LOVE LABS!!! I have two of them, a black one -- Memphis who is 11, and a blonde one -- Max who is 9. They are the most AWESOME dogs!! Max attacks the sprinklers when you say "bad sprinkler Max!" hehe

Posted on: 1/10/2003 4:47:07 AM
hey jason i think meghan has a pic of you guys! lol if not i guess we will just have to get one this time around! ;) besides you owe some people some pics and autographs!!! ROFL hahaha let the countdown begin!


View profile for Tiff8CountryGirl
Posted on: 1/10/2003 7:09:40 AM
Hillsboro is gonna be an adventure, that's for sure! It will be only my 2nd concert ever! And it will be the first one where Chris is headliner. I'm so excited! :)


View profile for Meghan
Posted on: 1/10/2003 7:23:32 AM
JASON!!!! HI!!!!! I don't know if I have any of us :(

I just sent in Laredo's AKC registration, and it took me literally 3 months to figure out his register name. I finally decided on "Laredo by the Grace of God" to get it over with and sent in!!!

I've had labs for over 10 years and they are just the best dogs we've ever had!!


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