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Topic: How Many Fellow College Students do I have on the board?
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Started on: 8/15/01 2:40:44 PM
I just wanted to know who's in my shoes on the board? AND WHAZZUP!? I attend The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire...I'm a Junior...and counting! :) My major is Kinesiology-Exercise Management...(someday maybe I could be Chris' personal trainer!! :))

Posted on: 8/15/01 3:43:30 PM
Hey there ....fellow CAGLEHEAD and student....I am working on my master's degree at Western Michigan in Kalamazoo. Master's in Biostatistics......But don't worry... I ...myself was one of those juniors and counting... :) Study hard, Cagle ON and PLAY IT LOUD!!!!

Posted on: 8/15/01 4:06:16 PM
Hi!! I'm also a Junior and counting...I go to St Rose in Albany, NY. My major is Publis Communications, with a minor in Music Business, so hopefully someday I'll get to work with an artist like Chris! :o) Good luck with school...

Posted on: 8/15/01 5:31:15 PM
I'm in my second year Mid South Community College in West Memphis

Posted on: 8/15/01 5:42:03 PM
I'll be a freshman in college..I start the 23rd...I'm just going for generals now, but eventually I'll be majoring in music business. Loralie

Posted on: 8/15/01 6:00:09 PM
hey ya'll! I just signed up today for what will be my last class before graduation. Elem. Education is my major. I'm proud and scared at the same time! I know what music I will use to study. Last semester it was Bach, etc. they say that the brain is more active when listening to that kind of music, but they should add Cagle, casue it really gets me going! Cagle in Biology class. Now thats a class act! CAGLE~ON

Posted on: 8/15/01 6:04:51 PM
I have about nine months to go before I have my associates in Accounting. I attend Davenport University. Three more semesters and I can continue of for my Bachelors at SVSU

Posted on: 8/15/01 6:45:11 PM
Me ME ME... I'm a junior in college studying elementary education!!

Posted on: 8/15/01 7:12:41 PM
Next week I'll be starting my freshman year at a community college here in Harrisburg, PA. I'm goin for photography.

Posted on: 8/15/01 8:55:09 PM
Hiya...nice topic. (c: I have one more year before I will be a dental hygienist...I'm nervous about this year, but I know it's gonna fly right by. Oh...and I got my roommate hooked on Chris's music....she goes around singin his songs. (c: Good luck with school this year everyone!!

Posted on: 8/15/01 9:43:39 PM
hey everybody! I'm a sophmore at Kentucky Christian College. I go back on Sunday. :-) But I get to see Chris on Friday. Get the semester off to a good start right? :-) Anyway, My major is Elem. Education. Cagle On people!

Posted on: 8/15/01 9:46:52 PM
Hey there! I am going to be a freshman at Hanover College double majoring in political science(pre-law)and biology. I want to attemd law schoon and study environmental or corp. law someday! Cagleheads rock!!!!

Posted on: 8/16/01 1:06:31 PM
I already graduated Technical College when I was about 3 months-17.

Posted on: 8/16/01 2:17:39 PM
I'm a senior at William Paterson University in New Jersey...I will be graduating this December! Finally! It's only taken me about 5 years to get out! :)

Posted on: 8/16/01 2:57:49 PM
Hi...I am in my second year at Our Lady of the Lake Univ.-San Antonio, TX. I am an acct major.

Posted on: 8/16/01 5:13:14 PM
Hello, I am going into my third year of college! I start monday!

Posted on: 8/16/01 9:14:48 PM
Hey! I will be a senior majoring in Elem. Ed., but I will still have a year in graduate school. I will be getting my master's degree in reading education. I attend Fairmont State College in Fairmont, WV.

Posted on: 8/16/01 10:11:03 PM
Hey all! Lots of Elementary Education majors-good for ya'll. You definitely have my respect! I am just starting college on the 20th majoring in aviation/commercial pilot. Very exciting and you get to sky dive as a requirement! What could be better than that? Well, besides how much money pilots make!

Posted on: 8/16/01 11:27:01 PM
hiya! i am a senior at New Mexico highlands University in Las Vegas, NM and graduate with a B.A. in Psychology on December 8th!!!! Whoo hoo! Can't wait! Nice to see how many colleges are being graced with the presence of Cagleheads!!! LOL!!! ;) Play it Louder!

Posted on: 8/17/01 12:44:27 AM
Hey ya'll... I'm a sophomore at Purchase College here in NY. I'm majoring in Theatre Design Technology. :0)

Posted on: 8/17/01 8:30:35 AM
I'm also a junior and counting. Majoring in Professional Communication. I'm really getting tried of the juggling act between going to work full-time and my daughter and going to school full-time. Without any glitches I'll be done in about another year and a half.

Posted on: 8/17/01 9:25:08 AM
Hey! I have just finished my AA degree at Tallahassee Community College. I will be attending Florida State University in the fall majoring in political science. After completing law school, I will be looking for a career as a corporate or entertainment lawyer.

Posted on: 8/17/01 1:55:16 PM
I am a sophomore working on my BSN in Nursing at Carroll College in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Loving every minute of it.

Posted on: 8/20/01 6:35:20 PM
I will be a Freshman at Michigan State University this year. I plan to study veterinary medicine. Go Spartans!!!!

Posted on: 8/20/01 7:21:12 PM
Wow! It's great to see so many fellow college students on this board. I attend college online through Washington State University's Distance Degree Program. I'm a junior and my major is in Business Administration. My (ultimate) goal, however, is to become a television reporter for FOX News or CNN. Go Cougs!

Posted on: 8/21/01 5:10:20 PM
I am attending Blue Ridge Community College in the Northern part of VA. I am 2yr. associate degree major in Information Systems Technology. I have 2 more semesters to go then I graduate. I will work with what I got and eventually go back for my Bachelor's Degree in Applied Science.

Posted on: 8/21/01 5:36:26 PM
I am in my second year At Adirondack Community College in Queensbury New York where I am working on getting my associates degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting. It is my begining career that will eventually lead into a career as a director of music videos!

Posted on: 8/22/01 5:26:27 PM
thanks for all of the replies guys!! :)

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