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Topic: Looking for Pennsylvania Cagleheads
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Started on: 8/15/01 4:10:52 PM
All my fellow Cagleheads: I am searching for Cagleheads in the Central Pennsylvania Area. If you are as big a Caglehead as I am and are goiing to see Chris in Shafferstown either e-mail me and let me know or repley to my message on the message board. Thanks Diane

Posted on: 8/15/01 4:13:03 PM
Diane, I am a PA caglehead. I am from Sunbury but now live in Dupont. I dont think I'll be at the Schafferstown show, but I was at the show in Laurleton last Friday and had a great time. heather

Posted on: 8/15/01 4:22:37 PM
There is a town called Lauraltown? I didn't know that I have to tell my friend Laura. Cool!

Posted on: 8/15/01 4:24:24 PM
I heard there is also a town called Jules city in Tennesseeee...............To go go and go.

Posted on: 8/15/01 4:25:28 PM
Bus Driveer Called Dave to go go g o! Smiles!

Posted on: 8/15/01 4:26:38 PM
Paul gets a mike. Don't worry he'll get it.

Posted on: 8/15/01 4:29:02 PM
WE hear that Pennsilvana is good for Sea food. ONce a very long time ago went there. Right next to brick roads in New Jersey. The street isn't paved with gold it is paved with bricks. -but at least you wont fall and slip.

Posted on: 8/15/01 4:31:33 PM
Liberty Bell is there. But why is it cracked. -skipped some history. -got a question? Do they ever ring it now and then.

Posted on: 8/15/01 5:36:42 PM
I'm from Harrisburg and I'll be at the Schaefferstown concert.

Posted on: 8/15/01 6:46:48 PM
I'm near West Chester , about 20 minutes outside Philly. I'll be at Schaefferstown

Posted on: 8/15/01 7:01:00 PM
I live between Harrisburg and York and I'm gonna try to make it to the Schaefferstown.

Posted on: 8/15/01 8:14:27 PM
I'll have to ask this Diane to include a last initial so MBers don't confuse us! I am a Diane who lives in West Chester, PA!

Posted on: 8/15/01 8:42:21 PM
I live just north of Philly - Quakertown area, and will be at Schaefferstown *Heather

Posted on: 8/15/01 8:52:25 PM
Ilive in Pen Argyl(near Allentown) and I am going to Schaefferstown. It will be my first time to see Chris -Play It Loud- and I am counting the minutes til showtime.

Posted on: 8/15/01 9:25:35 PM
I live in Allentown and I am going to hopefully make it to the concert next week.

Posted on: 8/15/01 9:56:18 PM
I am from Allentown and I will be in Schaefferstown

Posted on: 8/15/01 10:49:26 PM
I was thinking maybe we should make nametags?

Posted on: 8/16/01 12:07:40 PM
Does anybody know if there is a meet and greet scheduled at Schaefferstown?

Posted on: 8/16/01 12:10:19 PM
Does anybody know if a meet and greet is scheduled for the Schaefferstown Carnival? "Thanks"

Posted on: 8/16/01 12:19:01 PM
Cyndi-since there are two shows, there will probably be a non fan club one. If you are a member of the fan club, email Molly and shell hook you up.

I am still walking around with my fingers crossed that I will be there (about 150 miles)

Posted on: 8/16/01 12:40:23 PM
Im from Gettysburg/Littlestown PA and hopefully, if I can bug my mom into taking me, will be at the Schaefferstown show. Keep Playin It Loud!

Posted on: 8/16/01 1:09:12 PM
yes... there is a meet & greet for schaefferstown, cause i have one!! e-mail Molly to find out more... *Heather

Posted on: 8/16/01 3:18:07 PM
I am from Lewistown, unfortunately i can't make it to schefferstown but I was at Laurelton and met Chris, he is so nice!

Posted on: 8/16/01 5:09:05 PM
I live in williamsport, pa. I am very sad because i can not make it. however i did get to see him last week at the union county east end fair! He was awsome!

Posted on: 8/16/01 7:11:33 PM
I live in Chambersburg, but I won't be at the show :( oh well I saw Chris last week so I'm ok

Posted on: 8/20/01 2:05:05 AM
Just a question- someone said in this message thread that sometimes they have a non fan club meet and greet as well as a fan club one. Has this ever happened before? Likelihood that it will in Schaefferstown? I have a fan club meet and greet though- but I was just wonderin' , since 2 Cagle Hugs are better than one! :) Trace

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