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Topic: Looking for information about the engagement
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Started on: 8/15/01 6:46:15 PM
Hi. I haven't been around for awhile, but I just read that Chris is engaged! Can someone tell me some information? Who is she (not her name--just any info)? Where did they meet? How long have they known each other? When is the big day? I'm not trying to pry...I'm just nosy! I guess my fantasies are over; my husband will be happy about that! I wish Chris and Elizabeth all the best of luck.

Posted on: 8/16/01 6:27:35 AM
Her name is Elizabeth......she and Chris were Colleg sweethearts.....he is oh so VERY happy with her. He knows she is the lady for him. His is very happy and we are very happy for him. He says he is so grateful that she has come back into his life.........however......I am sure you have read his message on here explaining all of this. Chris is happy and we are ecstatic for him. Love you Chris....see ya tonight........cagleon!!

Posted on: 8/16/01 7:16:55 PM
Thanks. I wish them all the luck. Any date set?

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