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Topic: Chris won!
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View profile for Nicole
Started on: 8/29/01 9:07:58 PM
View profile for Lisa
Posted on: 8/29/01 9:16:38 PM
Won what? Did I miss something? Just wondering :o)
Lori D
View profile for Lori D
Posted on: 8/29/01 9:18:06 PM
I kinda wondered myself! Help us out Nicole, we want to know too :0)
View profile for Melissa
Posted on: 8/29/01 9:51:59 PM
If she's from the Harrisburg area then she might be talking about the "cat fight" on the local radio station. They compete 2 new songs against each other every night and Chris Cagle's new single "I Breathe In, I Breathe Out" won with 97% of the votes. It goes on to compete with another song tomorrow night. He'll probably take the win all week. That's an awesome song.
View profile for Becki
Posted on: 8/29/01 10:19:42 PM
GOOD for Chris! So they are already playing it on the air?! YESSSS!!! Becki
Ryan McGraw (Lil`Tim)
View profile for Ryan McGraw (Lil`Tim)
Posted on: 8/30/01 2:01:23 AM
What was the other song that was catfighting about?
View profile for Melissa
Posted on: 8/30/01 8:45:06 PM
The other song competing that night was Darryl Whorley's "Sideways" which is also a good song. I really like that whole CD, but I still voted for Chris.
View profile for Pamela
Posted on: 8/30/01 9:45:33 PM
chris won what nicole?
View profile for Rachel
Posted on: 8/30/01 9:47:12 PM
Chris Won What?

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