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Topic: Cagle Blurb
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April "Baltimore"
View profile for April "Baltimore"
Started on: 8/30/01 8:20:14 PM
A little Cagle Blurb
The Virginia Girls will appreciate this one.....
View profile for Salsamaker
Posted on: 8/30/01 8:27:21 PM
cool blurb April! Love it! Chris really does show how much he cares about his fans by doing things like this.
Kathy L.
View profile for Kathy L.
Posted on: 8/30/01 8:30:01 PM
That was so cool! I love it that he had them sign it! What a way to show that he truly appreciates his fans!
View profile for Nikki
Posted on: 8/30/01 8:33:07 PM
Thanks April! :)
View profile for Kelligirl
Posted on: 8/30/01 9:02:24 PM
You go APRIL!! BRENDA congrats and and Steve did it. VERY COOL!! NEAT to know I was there when you gave it to him and I saw his reaction. CHRIS was very touched!! GO BRENDA!!!!!
View profile for Debbie~
Posted on: 8/30/01 10:55:43 PM
Thanks April! You always find the neatest info! Thanks for sharing!
Sandy Hedrick
View profile for Sandy Hedrick
Posted on: 8/31/01 1:31:39 AM
LOL!!!!! Hey Brenda did you know that we were in Kentucky when you gave him that shirt?? That sure is news to me!! HA Actually girls for some of you who may not understand the "blurb" we were in Courtland, Virginia when Brenda and Steve gave Chris that shirt. I was right beside them so I know we definately were not in Kentucky! It is still a cool article though!! Congrats again.
View profile for HELEN/VA
Posted on: 8/31/01 9:28:56 AM
O.K. I know I'm not the sharpest crayon in the pack, but I can't find anything on CC on this link. Help!! What am I missing?
Posted on: 8/31/01 9:33:04 AM
Helen, you need to scroll down towards the bottom of the page. Chris' name is in bold print. Keep scrolling, it's there. :-)

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