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Topic: Male fans
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View profile for DetroitTed
Started on: 9/16/01 11:50:07 PM
Hello everyone. I am NOT a country fan because I am very much into high energy club music but a friend in Detroit here introduced to me to Chris Cagle just a few days ago and I thought I would give the music a try! Whoa! It is an awesome CD I cannot stop listening to. So much genuine thought has gone into his songwriting and any walk of life can relate to his songs. Catchy tunes I tell you! A gifted songwriter and performer. Okay, so I gave his music a listen to and I very much liked it. I know Chris has been touring for a while and has developed quite a female fan following of course due to his good looks and showmanship but I am letting Chris know he has several male fans out there too and I am one of them. Just joined the fan club and hope to meet him someday down the road. I really wish him all the best. It is quite obvious his devotion and perseverance have paid off for a bright future for him. Congratulations Chris and good luck!!!
Nikki P.
View profile for Nikki P.
Posted on: 9/17/01 12:41:23 AM
Welcome to Cagleville. there are a bunch of guys that post here too. and we all love chris's music for various reasons but i know that i relate to his music on a very personal level. thats what attracts me to the site and of course all the great people i have met here too. i can also tell you that i had a friend who didnt listen to country music and he now owns chris's cd and listens to it not only because it gives him some reminder of me but because he likes it.
Ryan McGraw (Lil`Tim)
View profile for Ryan McGraw (Lil`Tim)
Posted on: 9/17/01 10:47:01 PM
Yeah, I'm one of them. I've been here since mid-December.
View profile for chriscaglefan_1
Posted on: 9/17/01 10:54:32 PM
Hey I'm a male fan of his. I like his music very much. It has good tune and hes AWESOME. I joined his fan club in middle of this summer. Hes' suppose to come to Ks Oct 4, here and I cant wait to meet him in person. Ill keep in touch on here with ya. hey whats ya ages for the male cagleheads? Im 26 laterz
View profile for DetroitTed
Posted on: 9/18/01 11:27:36 AM
I am 32 and rarely have any country music CD's. I have never been a fan of country music but I do have an eclectic taste. A friend just last week introduced me to Chris' music and I was willing to listen to it and I really like the CD alot. To date, I am still not a big country fan but their is something about Chris and his music that I like and that is cool. I am 32 living near Detroit.

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