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Topic: I just saw Chris in NJ!
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Started on: 9/7/2002 11:03:27 PM
What a thrill to see him at home, not hours away! He looked and sounded great, but the sound system was so loud, I had to put my fingers in my ears to enjoy it! (Which I still did!) It was wonderful to see him again, and I'd almost swear he was waving at me. Great job, Chris. I loved when you let us sing "I Breathe In, I Breathe Out." NJ is not "Country" country, but you sure seemed to have a lot of fans here anyway!
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Posted on: 9/8/2002 12:23:27 PM
I had so much fun last nite, I finally got to meet Chris he is so nice. My friends husband saved us a spot in the front. I am dropping off my pics tomorrow when i get them back I will but them in my photo album... Sherri
Posted on: 9/8/2002 6:00:56 PM
How did you meet him? Did you have a meet and greet? I met him once and he was very nice. What did he have to say?
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Posted on: 9/8/2002 8:40:26 PM
I meet him through the meet and greet.... he really did not have a whole lot of time to talk because they were rushing things. I hope to meet him again in Atlantic city
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Posted on: 9/9/2002 2:35:22 PM
I just saw him at six flags on Sat. He was great!!!!! I also met cagleheads there from Toms River They saved me & my sister a spot right next to the stage it was Great!!! Sammim8 I also am hoping to see him in Atlantic City, I've called 3 times and they still know nothing! Do you know why?
View profile for cagle7
Posted on: 9/9/2002 6:42:17 PM
I was there too. I was with sammim8 I'm the friend. I got to meet Chris and I told him it was my birthday. He wished me a Happy Birthday and I got a hug too. Boy his arms felt good around me. Boy is he good looking or what? I got some of the pics posted on my site that I took with my digital camera the rest of them should be up in a day or two when I pick them up on Tuesday the 10th. You can check the ones I have up there now at user name kennysgirl7 password playitloud. If you like to check out my "Today" show pics with kenny go to the same site but use the password goodstuff.
Posted on: 9/10/2002 3:51:37 PM
When/where is he going to be in Atlantic City? I haven't heard about this yet.
View profile for cagle1fan
Posted on: 9/10/2002 5:22:51 PM
He is suppose to open for Diamond Rio in Atlantic City on 10/26. Jen#1
Posted on: 9/12/2002 4:08:12 PM

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